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Racing: The Best Accessories for Your Yamaha Supersport Bike

There is no better way to bring out the best in your Yamaha supersport bike than pimping it up with additional accessories and gadgets.

If you are looking to build up your bike into something new, here are 6 new cool accessories that will perfect your Yamaha bike.

Protective Helmet

It is an important part of a biker’s outfit. It protects the head from blows during falls and road accidents.

The most important thing is that the helmet is light, durable and has good ventilation, so that the head does not become inconvenient during riding.

Bicycle Gloves

After a fall, the palms are the first to suffer, which, as a rule, cyclists push forward to get balance. In addition, the gloves prevent the cyclists from rubbing their hands on the steering wheel, and also prevent their hands from bulging on the bumps and pits.

There are two types of cycling gloves:

1. Short – open fingertips in them

2. Long – completely cover the hand, protecting it from wind and frost.

Examples include the leather motorcycle gloves, waterproof motorcycle gloves, thermal motorcycle gloves etc

Bicycle Clothing

Such clothing should be bright (for daytime driving) and have reflective stripes (for night driving). E.g. motorcycle jacket and jean, body armour, high visibility clothing etc.

A Set Of Hexagons

With hexagons you can adjust the bike, twist some parts, and also install a pump on the frame, etc. It is also nice if there is an 8 mm key in the kit to turn the connecting rod bolts, and an asterisk key to loosen the brake rotor bolts.

Trunk, Bag Or Backpack For A Bike

Every cyclist has a certain load, which is regularly carried during travellings. Therefore, it is very important to have a bike bag, a backpack or a special trunk.

Most often cyclists use a backpack , but this can create some inconveniences, especially if the backpack is heavy. A truck is way better since it is simply attached to the frame and is able to hold up to 50 kg of cargo.

Bike Lock

In order not to worry about the safety of your bike, have a special lock with you. There are several types of locks for your Yamaha supersports bike:

· U-shaped lock

The most reliable and durable lock. It is very difficult to pick a master key to this lock.

· Locks with chains

There are also several types of such locks – there are locks with a simple chain. It has to be one of the most important Yamaha motorcycle parts and accessories you should have for your bike.

· Locks with cables

These locks are somewhat similar to locks with chains. The difference is that they weigh less and are easier to handle.


If you are an avid biker and a great fan of Yamaha bikes, having most of the above mentioned accessories is most recommended. You can always look for various OEM motorcycle parts for best motorcycle bike rides.

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