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Gambling: Best Tips and Tricks to Win Blackjack

The most appropriate way to win the casino games is through blackjack. Blackjack is an easy win but only for the players who know about the game. The difference between the winner and the loser playing a blackjack game is who is well aware of the rules for playing the game.

Though casinos surely don’t want you to know the rules. If all the rules of the game are revealed to a player and everyone is a good player then casino might be in a big loss.

Do you want to know about the tips and tricks involved to help you with an easy win in a blackjack? The blog covers them all, Just stay tuned.

Top-notch Blackjack Tips that Casinos Do not want to be Revealed

There are many tips involved in various Casino games you can find brief details about them on http://casinoluv.net/2016/07/blackjack.basic.html. But if you look forward to important tips required to play blackjack and win the game, consider the following:

Card Counters:

If you have seen players playing Casinos in movies and winning and you are a keen observer then you might have noticed that one of the basic strategies is to remember all the cards you have dealt with. Also, you must be aware of a number of cards. The trick might be simple yet it has high support in confirming your win in a game. Some of the popular movies like Hangover, Rain man and many others reveal the same.

Consider these Numbers Always:

While you play and you want to hit a number, always hit on a soft number 17 or an ACE 6. If you want to make a stand hard on the minimum number should be 17 or you should choose a number above that. If a player wants to split, consider splitting ACES or 8s. If you want to go for double down, double down on 11.

Never Make this choice:

The split should never be made on 5s or 10s. If a dealer’s card is seven or it is above that then you should hit a hand on a number that is between 12 to 16. If you split on 5s and 10s, winning the hand can be next to impossible.

Beware of Myths:

Hot table and the cold table is a trending myth that exists amongst the Casino payers, there is no such hot table that can earn you millions of dollars. Cold table and the hot table is just a mindless mouth spread that has an easy belief. So you have to keep in mind the rules, the tricks and not trust any kind of myth blindly.

Insurance is a Bad Choice:

If you are playing Blackjack there is no point of getting the insurance done. If you already know that you are going to lose and the dealer has a card that is an ace you can go for insurance. In all other cases, the insurance is useless. The probability of losing is always higher in the case of insurance.

Bottom Line:

For the players of blackjack, it is must know when to take a split, when you should opt for double down, in which cases it is mandatory to go for a hit and where should you go for insurance. Though it is suggested to avoid the insurance as long as you can. Blackjack is undoubtedly a matter of luck or chance but considering basic mechanical calculation or playing with patience increases all the doors for winning and reduces the chances of failure.

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