By Karen White

Close your eyes and think of a casino. Chances are you’ll have a vision of a plush interior with glittering chandeliers and golden interiors. Now imagine the time and place. This time it’s likely to be in the heart of Las Vegas in the 50s or early 60s. The era of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, smart suits, cool music and a real sense of post-war optimism.

This is exactly the type of vibe that 777 online casino online casino are striving for and use typical imagery and colours of the time. Many of the games themselves also lend themselves perfectly to this nostalgic feeling and, once online, it’s easy to find yourself slipping back in time to a simpler time in history.

Roulette: For many this is the quintessential casino game that conjures up images of glamorous players gathered round the table waiting to see where the ball will drop. It just takes a little imagination to transport yourself back in time as you play – and many casinos even offer a “live” version with real-life dealers adding to the authentic atmosphere of the old-style gaming room.

Blackjack: It was back in the early 1960s when Ed Thorp published his guide to basic blackjack strategy, “Beat the dealer” which came just at the right time as the game was gaining real popularity in Las Vegas. The casinos didn’t thank him for it but there wasn’t much they could do to stop players using the lessons they learned from it.

The game is still as fascinating today but playing still has an old world charm.

Poker: Poker also has a timeless quality to it. It’s easy to imagine back to a time when men in eye-shades played in smoky, darkened rooms for huge stakes. You can still capture all of the atmosphere of a nostalgic poker game but in the comfort, and clean air, of your own home.

And with a wide range of cash games and tournaments to choose from finding the ideal one is simple.

Baccarat: Said to be James Bond’s favoured casino game, when filmgoers were first introduced to the super-spy in the 1962 film Dr No he was seen winning a large in the game. Also known as Chemin de Fer, it has a naturally old-fashioned ring to it and is also appealingly simple to play.

Slots: One of the most iconic images of Las Vegas casinos in the 50s and 60s are the rows upon rows of slots machines stretching into the distance with players perched on stools waiting for the big jackpot. You really will be spilt for choice when it comes to retro-styled online slots, plus there are many more winning options compared with the old mechanical-style machines including wilds, free spins and progressive jackpots that can reach six figures or more.

So why not dig out that tuxedo or evening dress, put on an old-style 50s crooner and prepare to start winning some 21st century prizes in a distinctly retro ambience.

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