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Game of Thrones: Sam, Jorah Will Bring Jon Snow and Daenerys Closer

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If you are a fan of HBO’s wildly popular show Game of Thrones, you likely enjoyed seeing Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen finally interact after six full seasons. Jon and Dany are arguably the shows two most popular characters, so seeing the two interact for the very first time was certainly a thrilling moment.

But things did not go as smooth as fans would have hoped between Khaleesi and the King of the North. Dany wanted the Jon to bend his knee and swear his allegiance to her and join in her efforts to dethrone Cersei Lannister. However, the man who is technically her nephew (they don’t know that though), was simply there to try and recruit Dany and her dragons to take on the White Walkers.

But both parties were too focused on their own efforts to simply join the other one’s battle. As a result, there was some serious tension between the two during their first meeting. Some of that tension was alleviated by Tyrion Lannister, the Hand to Queen Daenerys, as he was the one who vouched for Jon.

Tyrion knows the kind of man Jon Snow is. And that is an honest man. As a result, the shortest Lannister could not help but believe Jon in his stories of the dead. As a result, he was able to convince Dany to let Jon mine the dragonglass that he also sought.

This led to one final meeting between Dany and the bastard son of Ned Stark (even though Ned Stark isn’t truly his father). In this meeting, the two still did not see eye to eye. However, thanks to Tyrion, it was clear that there was at least some more openness in terms of accepting one another. But it will not be Tyrion who finally brings these two together when their forces must truly join forces.

Those honors will go to two characters who just so happened to cross paths at the start of this season as well. They would be Jorah Mormont and Samwell Tarly.

Sam, who was a member of the Night’s Watch at the Wall with Jon, become Jon’s best friend while they were there. Now he finds himself at the Citadel, where he is trying to learn as much as he can about the White Walkers. Unfortunately for him, the Maesters are relegating him to the dirty jobs that no one else wants to do.

During his time there, Jorah arrived with him worsening greyscale. Jorah, a man in love with Dany who would do anything to protect her, left her and her crew last season under her orders. And he was told to find a cure for his terrible disease.

Well, luckily for Jorah, Sam was willing to help, even if he was not supposed to. The result: Sam cured Jorah of his greyscale. This means he is free to walk and return to the love of his life.

Now, if you are like me, you likely watched the scenes involving these two and wondered how they factor into the bigger picture. These are two characters on the lower end of the spectrum who could have been killed off seasons ago. So there needs to be some reason they are interacting with one another as Game of Thrones winds down into its last 10 episodes.

The logical answer involves both Jon and Dany. When Jorah departed, he shared an interesting moment with Sam in which he said he hoped their paths would cross again. Given Jorah’s connection to Dany and Sam’s to Jon, that is certainly very likely.

After Dany and her crew defeat Cersei, the threat of the White Walkers will likely become her new biggest issue. But given her lack of faith in existence, she is going to need to hear it from someone she knows, and not a man she just met. This is where Jorah can come into play. More on that shortly.

As for Sam, something tells me he will not be at the Citadel much longer. Once he gets some more information on the White Walkers, he is likely going to be out. Probably after the Maesters catch him sneaking into the restricted area of the library.

This will lead to him teaming back up with Jon. And the next time Jon needs to send word to Dany with a request for help, he could very well bring Sam along with him. So when Sam arrives speaking the words of the White Walkers existence, Jorah, who will now be by Dany’s side once more, he will believe the man who cured his greyscale. That would mean now both Tyrion and Jorah, two of Daenerys’ top personnel, would be vouching for the fight against the White Walkers.

This will help lead to Dany and Jon actually becoming closer and trusting one another. But that may not be possible without the relationship that has been formed between Jorah and Sam. So while their arc may seem somewhat minor at the moment, their importance will surely grow in the near future.

What do you think? What will bring these two iconic characters together on Game of Thrones? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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