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Game of Thrones Season Six Finale Review

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The season six finale of Game of Thrones was a blast. And yes, the pun was fully intended. There was death, death and even more death. It was one of the best episodes to date, and some will likely argue the best of the season. So let’s go through a quick recap of the episodes more prominent events.

Things started off in Kings Landing, and Loras Tyrell’s trial was underway. He confessed his sins, agreed to give away his name to the faith, and had a star carved into his forehead. With that it was time for Cersei’s trial. The only problem, Cersei was still in the Red Keep. That is because Cersei had a plan.

While the wait grew longer and longer, Margaery caught on to the plan. But it was too late, as the whole place got blown to smithereens by the wildfire Cersei had left beneath. Everyone in the building, including Margaery, Loras and the High Sparrow were all blown to pieces in one shot. Meanwhile, Qyburn’s little birds stabbed Grand Maester Pycelle to death. So basically Cersei was able to kill off everyone who was opposing her in one shot.

While all of this was going on, Cersei tasked the Mountain in keeping Tommen away from the explosion. When we first see the Mountain show up, I know I thought he was going to rip off the King’s head, but he was simply there to protect him. However, Tommen saw the explosion from his window, and he knew what had happened. He could not continue on without Margaery, so he leaped to his death from his window. I have to say, I thought he was going to die, but certainly not like that.

Sam and Gilly and Sam Jr. then show up at a library. Sam looks like a kid in a candy store surrounded by so many books. The inside of the building looked a lot like some of the cool stuff from the opening credits. And that pretty much sums up what went down with Sam and gang in this episode. It seemed like it was just thrown in to the episode, and definitely could have been saved for a different episode.

Then we head up North, and Davos wants to hang Melisandre himself. But Jon knows she could be useful against the White Walkers and she did bring him back to life. So he lets her live, but banishes her down south. The last we see of her she is riding off on a horse, alive and well. There has to be a storyline reason down the road as to why they kept her alive.

In Dorne (yes we finally go back to Dorne), Lady Tyrell is insulting all of the sand snakes, while also making a deal to join forces to take down Cersei, whom they all despise. Then cue Varys, who happens to be with Daenerys, who recruits them all to join Dany’s forces, because, well she too wants to take down Cersei.

Then we actually get to see Daenerys, who tells Daario he cannot come with her to Westeros because he would be too much of a distraction, especially after she marries an unidentified groom. This is down from the advice given to her by Tyrion, whom she makes her hand. Tyrion seemed quite content with this new position, and I am sure he had a few drinks when the show cut elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Walter Frey is partying like there is no tomorrow, celebrating the victory at Riverrun. He and Jamie exchange some words and insults, before Jamie walks off after essentially telling Frey he doesn’t need him. Later Frey is waiting for his sons while being served pie. If you are a fan of any kind of pie you may want to skip ahead to the next paragraph, because things are about to get nasty. Still here? Good, let’s continue. Frey asks the young server if she has seen his sons, and she tells him they are there. He is totally confused, until she makes it clear she is taking about the pie. His sons’ bodies have been butchered and placed in the pies. And that young server, that is Arya Stark in disguise. She makes sure he knows that before slitting his throat in one of the most satisfying scenes of the season.

After seeing Bran for the first time in several weeks, Uncle Benjen leaves to go fight off White Walkers. Bran goes back to the scene at the Tower of Joy, where we learn Lyanna gives birth to a baby, and makes young Ned promise he will protect it. We do not hear her say the name of the baby, but it is pretty clear when the screen goes from a close up of the baby’s face to one of Jon’s, the baby is Jon and he is not actually Ned’s son. This would make him Dany’s nephew I believe, as her older brother would be his father.

We head back to the North, where Little Finger is trying to convince Sansa of his power play. His dream is to have the Iron Throne, and Sansa as his queen by his side. But she is having none of it. Meanwhile, Jon is getting the northerners behind him, with the awesome little Mormont girl leading in the support of their new ruler. They are behind him because they see him as a Stark. Little do they know he is truly a Targaryen. If they knew this they would likely want Sansa as their leader I am guessing, but who knows. Maybe Little Finger knows and will use that to try and get his way. But little do they all know, Bran is still alive and technically the true heir in the North (he is the oldest and only living true Stark boy).

Then in Kings Landing Cersei is taking her place on the Iron Throne. Jamie shows up to see the events transpire, but has a very sad and angry look on his face. He can clearly tell Tommen is dead, and with that look, probably expects Cersei had a hand in it. Will he turn on his sister? Only time will tell.

The episode then ends with a shot of Dany’s massive fleet of ships. They are on their way to overthrow the new Queen no doubt. Daenerys has a bunch of ships, plenty of man power, and three dragons. Nothing to worry about there Cersei.

So moving forward there are plenty of questions. How long will Cersei’s reign as queen last? How easily will Daenerys and her forces overthrow the new queen? Will Jamie turn his back on his sister? Where do Jon and Sansa go from here? Will Little Finger try to gain power in the north, and if so how long before Jon kills him? Who does Arya kill next? When will the White Walkers show up, as winter is now here? Where does Bran fit into the big picture? Who do the Hound, Brienne, and Pod (all absent from this week’s episode) side with in the end? We will have to wait close to a year before we get the answer to most of these questions.

But in the meantime, let the speculation run rampant. Tell us what you think will happen over the course of the two shortened seasons in the comments below!

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