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Gentleman Jack Gallagher, The Real King of the Cruiserweights


March 2, 2017

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The WWE cruiserweight division has been a real disappointment since its debut on RAW. Seems to be that nobody cares about the division, and something needs to be done to save it. Thankfully, they’ve got Jack Gallagher, whose the best act going in all of the WWE.

The 27-year-old is one of the most charismatic wrestlers on the WWE roster. His witty promos and one-liners are a breath of fresh air in the dull cruiserweight division. And it appears WWE realizes that, having him appear in the Royal Rumble match, which he was one of the highlights of the night.

It’s unclear how long Gallagher’s feud with Neville will go, but don’t expect him to win the cruiserweight title. It appears the WWE is set to have Neville face Austin Aries at Wrestlemania, subjecting Gallagher to the back of the title picture.
That’s a grave mistake by WWE officials, as Gallagher is really the only cruiserweight to get any kind of reaction from the live crowds.

It’s really not hard to see why Gallagher is so over with the WWE Universe. He carries a unique move set, that includes a lot of technical wrestling. He’s used moves such as a headbutt, dropkick, cross face chicken wing, and surprisingly, an umbrella, to finish off his opponents. Without question, he’s one of the more lively wrestlers in the ring.


In addition to his ring work, Gallagher is also a top-notch talker. Known as “Gentleman” Jack, he’s able to blend a sense of decorum with a real bad ass attitude. It’s best summed up by his line on an early 2017 RAW when Gallagher came out and stated during a cruiserweight match, “I wish to announce my intentions to interfere in this match.” It’s lines like that which make him such a fan favorite.

The question is, “does Jack Gallagher deserve to win the cruiserweight title?” The answer to that is a resounding yes. Not to take anything away from previous champs, but none of them were able to connect with the crowd. We’ve seen two heels win the title ( Brian Kendrick, Neville ), and two faces ( T.J. Perkins, Rich Swann), it’s time Gallagher give the cruiserweight division a boost by having the top-notch face win the belt, and give it some prestige.

The cruiserweight division isn’t dead yet, but it’s certainly on life support. The key to keeping it around is Jack Gallagher. He cuts the best promos, and has the best in-ring work, making him the ideal choice to carry the cruiserweight. All we need is WWE executives to see this, because it’s the best shot they have.

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