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Debate over 2014 NBA All-Star Selections

Will Indiana Pacers’, Paul George be voted an All-Star?… Most definitely, Yes!

Will George be on the starting line-up?…He Should be!

NBA All-Star weekend is probably, the best showcase of talent in all of professional sports and Paul George has more than earned this upcoming spotlight.

Once a year, NBA fans get to see the very best basketball players in the world, play in one court.

The NBA’s Elite, their families-and entourages-descend on an US City, along with Hall of Famers and other prominent VIPs and interact with the faithful.

It has everything from great family entertainment to exclusive parties.

It’s also going to be a huge economic boost for the hosting City of New Orleans, as well. Michael Jordan donated $100,000 last year to the Smithsonian Museum in Houston, so they would host his 50th Birthday Party…Then arrived-in grand style-a couple days before, in his private jet.

Charles Barkley use to sneak back in the locker-room after everyone had gone home and would steal the name plates from the lockers to add them to his private collection.

The consensus around NBA circles is that Paul George-should, and-will be the starter along side Lebron James for the 2014 NBA All-Star Eastern Conference Selections. The emerging star is beating out multiple time All-Star Carmelo Anthony for the starting front court position and only ballot stuffing favoritism will keep him out the starting lineup, which is blatant at times during All-Star Weekend.

For example,

Kevin Garnett, who’s currently suffering through one of his worst statistical seasons in the NBA, is still ranked above Andre Drummond, David West, Joakim Noah and others who are considered a lot more deserving.

Just as with the back court roster that will be selected; the list of players that will be left out of the front court for the Eastern Conference will have a good argument for crying “snub.”

Out in the Western Conference is not going to be any much better. Kobe Bryant sits atop the list of back court players even though he’s appeared in only six games this year. Jeremy Lin is benefiting from the large number of fans that he has around the world as he’s in the fourth position of Western back court players, even though his teammate James Harden out performs him in a regular basis.

Damian Lillard continues his rise to become one of the top point guards in the league, but he’s only in his second year as a professional. He’s a big reason why the Portland Trail Blazers have the second best record in the Western Conference and are the surprise team of the season. Damian Lilliard sits in the tenth spot of all votes which will surely keep him off of the All-Star roster.

LaMarcus Aldridge faces a similar struggle to making the team even though his numbers of 24.1 points and 11.3 rebounds are career highs. Dwight Howard is second in Western Conference front court voting even though his numbers aren’t as good as those by Aldridge, Kevin Love or Blake Griffin. DaMarcus Cousins is another player that has put up strong numbers throughout this season and has a very slim chance of making the Western Conference roster.

NBA All-Star Weekend, let the popularity contest begin!

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