Whether work has you relocating or you’re just looking to move to the mountains yourself, there’s plenty you need to know before you pack up and go. If you’ve never lived in or near the mountains, you might not be familiar with the difficulties associated with mountain life. Even if you do have some knowledge, it’s always a good idea to be over prepared when it comes to making a big move.

You might not even be sure what you need if you’ve never been near the wilderness before. So, if you’re confused about what to pack, what to buy, and where to look for property, here are four essential things you will need to get ready for life in the mountains.

1. Property

It might seem obvious but the first part of moving is finding somewhere to live. You can start looking for mountain land for sale as soon as you’re ready to start the process. You can either purchase land and build a house yourself — which would require a large investment of time and a good deal of planning as home construction can take up to a year or more. Or you can look for a variety of differently-styled homes that are already build. Cabin-style homes are popular in the mountains but you can find homes in just about any style if you look hard enough.

2. Mountain-Friendly Clothing

Not all mountain areas are the same, and the climate can vary widely in different parts of the country. Taking a serious look at your wardrobe and getting rid of impractical choices is essential. Once you’ve weeded out what you don’t need, invest in sensible basics that will fit your new lifestyle.

Clothes that are thick, durable, and versatile, like a nice denim jacket, will be your best friends when you’re outside in the cold and windy climate. Look into how long the summers and winters are where you live and what kind of weather to expect and plan accordingly. If you’re really unsure, reach out to a local and ask about what wardrobe makes the most sense.

3. Pest Control

Living in the mountains means you’ll be in closer contact with some pests and wild animals. If you’re tired of coming inside covered in bites, carrying out a quick Google search of, “natural mosquito control for yard” will give you a list of resources so that you can enjoy the outdoors without getting eaten alive.

Using natural pest control is becoming a popular choice, especially for the health and environmentally conscious. You can use an all-natural solution mixed with water and spray your entire yard quite easily, and most companies promise to complete elimination in as little as 24 hours. Find out what common pests are in your area and make a plan for dealing with them ASAP.

4. Get yourself a generator and other emergency supplies.

Being in the mountains generally means being a little further away from emergency services and it can take a little longer for things like power to be restored after a storm or an accident. Having your own backup generator and plenty of emergency supplies is the safest way to ensure you’re never left in the dark or without essentials, no matter what happens. A thorough First Aid Kit is also a good idea. Look for one with the products you need to treat more serious wounds like burns, at least temporarily, until help can be reached.

It’s a big change of scenery for most people to move to the mountains, but while the lifestyle can seem idyllic from far away, there are still plenty of challenges to mountain life as well. The weather, isolation, and proximity to nature are three of the things people love most about mountain life.

However, the same things can create problems too. Make sure your wardrobe, your home, and your family are prepared for the climate and the changes before taking the plunge. Those who do make the move to the mountains though are rewarded with beautiful views and a unique lifestyle that few other areas of the country can provide.




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