CRM is a software that stores information about our leads and customers. An integrated CRM has sales, marketing, and customer service modules on a single platform. It can automate interactions, produce business intelligence, and empower sales executives to streamline the process of closing a lead. CRM also analyzes the data and opportunities for your sales force.

Also, due to its visual structure, it allows us to understand how the funnels behave over time and at what stage each business that you are pushing towards closure. Using a CRM allows you to organize all the details of potential customers and current customers in one place so that the entire team can obtain information about the status of your business and the status of your relationship with each customer.


Nifty can be a all-in-one project management tool which makes possible for teams to organize, track, and send projects smoothly. Nifty’s project-oriented discussions, landmarks, activities, docs, and files keep job associates and stakeholders coordinated on job objectives while direct messaging eases team-wide communicating to bridge the gap between delivery and planning.

Nifty supplies a completely free 14day trial and other plans are on flat-priced, starting at $39/mo each team, paid yearly. It’s the most suitable choice for small and huge teams that need a more collaborative environment to deal with their job in 1 spot. Nifty is the best Monday alternative in this list.


The most attractive feature of the HubSpot CRM is its ability to easily add contacts, record activity, send emails, and prospect new accounts. The overwhelming data entry tasks are automated in HubSpot’s CRM, making it easy to use and implement a CRM solution.

Also, with this CRM, it is possible to receive notifications the moment a potential customer opens an email and automatically tracks each interaction and organizes all your activities in one place.

It provides a great tool for proactive selling, delegating customer activities to help push sales – such as scheduling meetings – and saving interactions to shorten the sales cycle.

3-Zoho CRM

Zoh offers a complete panel with an automated view of the life cycle of each client. This tool aims to establish a single business system for sales in companies, with marketing services, customer support, and all the processes carried out by the commercial area.

Zoho cllects and manages contact and customer information, creating detailed data for each one to give more context to the lead. In this way, we can enrich and personalize our offerings to better resonate with the prospect. When it comes to measuring results, Zoho CRM easily generates custom charts, forecasts, and reports.


This CRM allows you to get the most out of the most communicative part of the software with Chatter, the “ social network ” of said software. Your entire team will access the corporate data necessary to carry out this management from any device. In this way, all team members are perfectly coordinated with their tasks.

Also, it offers the possibility that the reports that reach us about different relevant events are 100% customizable and the fact of being able to keep a total follow-up of each event and the task or about our accounts or contacts. 

5-Microsoft Dynamics

Every day the business world is more mobile and more social, so your business needs to move quickly when sharing information of any kind to be successful in achieving your goals. You need to be connected to your customers in the best possible way, and the integration of the more social media aspect of Dynamics in this process is very attractive.

Dynamics is on this list because it allows your marketing, sales, etc. to be reflected in the best possible way in the services to our clients. The tools that we will use with this CRM are extremely professional, so you will quickly notice that you are using powerful software that offers many possibilities. As the main advantage, it should be noted that there are countless ways to implement this software. Also, for a better experience, it is updated very frequently.


This CRM is one of the most customizable, and systems such as Call Centers and ERP can be integrated. Easily share customer data throughout the company, reducing data entry time and managing campaigns, contacts, tasks, or notes from and to Salesnet. We can do this in real-time or in the time intervals that best suit our needs.

As the main drawback, it should be noted that it does not offer Social CRM tools and is quite expensive. An advantage to note is that there are countless tutorials to learn how to use it correctly and easily be used by the whole team. The staff who has developed and maintains this CRM is very productive and attentive in case you have questions.


Netsuite gives you a 360-degree detailed view of your customers, as well as being the only on-demand CRM to do this. It offers a great service and, in this sense, gets it to help us close more offers since all our customer data is very accessible to all the team of our company that needs it.

This CRM excels at customer relationship management. Your team can see all customer transactions and interactions, automatic cross-sell, and increase sales to existing customers, as well as know what they buy, need, and want. On the other hand, you can easily see pending orders, service problems, or invoices that have expired, having a complete view of the customer at all times.


If you want a tool that allows you to follow up with your potential customers to the points of sale and beyond, this tool is the best option. Besides, AllProWebTools is one of the most economically affordable, also having countless really useful training videos. On the other hand, it integrates with other tools and your website, including marketing reports and allowing your sales team to call directly through the system.

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