Are you wondering where you can get your international driver’s license? Find out some important tips on how to apply in this guide.

No matter where you go, an international driver’s license is required. By having one, you make it easier to travel to a different country and drive without any legal difficulties.

We’re here to help by showing you how to obtain your first international driver’s license. Follow these tips to increase your chances of receiving your license and meeting the laws of your desired country.

So, let’s begin!

What is an International Driving License

The international driver’s license, is a form of identification that’s accepted in 150 countries, designed to reduce the number of language barriers, and it translates your license in 10 different languages.

For example, countries such as Hungary require an IDL for visitors to drive. And other countries like Spain, require a language translation in addition to the license. Having an IDL helps in both situations. And despite the country laws, car rental companies are required to ask for the user’s IDL before issuing a car.

If you’re confused on how to get your online international drivers license, first start by speaking to the consulate or foreign embassy in the country you’re attempting to go to. Being “better safe than sorry” is a great policy in this situation.

By themselves, the permits don’t grant special driving privileges. Drivers must have their driver’s license with them and a permit. This is so that you’ll be credible for any driving laws that you break and it will reflect on your license.

Application Tips

Before you apply for your online international driver’s license, there are some tips that will help you make the process easier. Here are some things to consider when applying:

Look Out For Scams

The worst thing you can do is receive a fake IDL from a counterfeit company. This will make it difficult for you to drive internationally and might risk legal trouble as a result. Remember, your international driver’s license is different than an international driving permit. So, steer clear from sites that tell you otherwise.

Keep Both Licenses on Y/ou

Remember: Your international driver’s license isn’t a substitute for the driver’s license. This means that you’ll have to present them both in order to become valid. Keeping them, both reduces the number of problems you’ll have when pulled over by international traffic authorities.

Abide By the Local Laws

Just because you’re in a different country, doesn’t mean that you can drive freely. Laws must be respected no matter what country you’re going to. By abiding to the local laws, you reduce the risk of getting arrested, fined, or other legal issues when traveling internationally.


In the end, having your online international driver’s license is important if you plan on traveling internationally. Not only does it help you stay within legal regulations, but increases the chance of being able to rent a car in that country. Ultimately, make sure that all of your information is correct so that you can enjoy driving around the world!

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