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5 Styles From Coachella You Can Wear In Real Life

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The first word that comes to anyone’s mind when they hear Coachella fashion is the word quirky. Coachella and other similar music festivals are the perfect places for anyone to live out their wildest fashion fantasies.

As the festival draws near, some people just simply dive into their closets to mix and match all the clothes that they cannot wear anywhere else. However, for a very large amount of people, dressing up for Coachella means heading out to their nearest stores and spending hundreds of dollars on clothing that they won’t be able to wear anywhere else.

If you are from the latter category, worry not. Here are some fun ideas for you to incorporate some Coachella outfit pieces into your everyday wardrobe.

Bring on the fringe: Nothing screams Coachella like a classic outfit reduced to fringes. From fringe bags to dresses, fringe is one of the defining fashion moments of Coachella. Do not banish your fringe outfits and accessories to the back of your cupboard as soon as you say goodbye to music festivals.

Instead, use them to add life to your normal boring outfits. Pair your fringe skirt with an oversized sweater or slap on those fringe boots with your distressed jeans and a simple t-shirt to create a truly chic look. If nothing else works, you can always make sure to turn up to date night in your favorite fringe dress.

Reuse the lace: The sexy Lace dresses and crop tops at Coachella don’t just mean fun little numbers with a little peekaboo lace situation going on. They mean sheer wonders of fashion that look undeniably sexy and provocative. If you are wondering how in the world you would add those pieces to your everyday wardrobe, the answer is very simple.

Spend a few bucks on matching slips and you have got a brand new number to wear to brunch or a night out with friends. You can even use the lace dress as a cute cover up for your next trip to the beach or the Bonfire BBQ party at your friend’s. Keep the rest of your outfit simple and understated so that the lace is all that anyone focuses on.

Embrace the era of bell bottoms: Bell bottoms are one fashion trend that have stood the test of time. These style of pants keep going out of fashion and then making a miraculous comeback every free year. The key to making this a part of your everyday outfit is by letting your pants be the star of the outfit. For bell bottoms with crazy prints, make sure to pair them up with a simple monochromatic top as not to let your outfit go too over the top. If you have denim bell bottoms, than you can create an array of different looks with these pants that range from office wear to a night out with your significant other.

Go gaga for crop tops: Crop tops are one of the most adorable fashion trends that never go out of fashion. However, there are only a handful of settings in which you can rock the crop top. To make your crop top everyday-wear friendly, the only thing you need to do is minimize the space between your top and your bottoms so that the amount of skin shown borders on an acceptable level.

The best way to do this would be to pair your crop tops with high rise pants and skirts. Or you can throw a jacket over it to take attention away from your bare midriff. If nothing else works, just put on your bikini bottoms and say hello to your new swimsuit.

Max up the bling factor: No Coachella outfit is complete without the tons of jewelry that goes along with it. From simple necklaces to elaborate headpieces, people often spend a ton of cash on getting all blinged up for the music festival.

However as soon as the music stops and life goes back to normal, these pieces end up in drawers that are then opened next when Coachella comes calling again. By using these pieces of jewelry in other outfits, you can instantly bring up the wow factor in any simple outfit. Use your floral headpiece for a summer barbecue or bring out those boho hearings with a simple black dress to spice it up.

Don’t let your money go to waste. With just a little bit of creative thinking and research on various makeup looks, you can create so many different beautiful outfits for yourself. While it may be wise to keep the super short barely there shorts reserved for Coachella or the beach, there’s no reason you can’t repurpose your other Coachella clothes to create some truly beautiful outfits.

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