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Girls Night Out! Best New Fashion Trends for the Late 20s

Remember how ultra mini skirts and dresses made the majority of your wardrobe in your early 20s? You probably also have a recollection of all those ridiculously high-heeled sandals and pumps you tortured your feet with when you were out of high school and all you wanted was to have fun at the club with your girls. Well, now that you’re approaching the big 30, the situation in your closet has probably drastically changed and hopefully evolved. The late 20s are still going to be all about sass and sex appeal, but with much more class and even a bit of comfort in the mix.

Denim on denim

Denim jeans were most likely allowed only at school when you were in your early 20s and were unthinkable for a night out when you were supposed to bring out only the sexiest part of you. However, jeans can very much flatter your body and bring out the most of your sex appeal if you only know how to make it work. Namely, matching your high-waisted distressed denim jeans with a denim shirt, while complementing the entire outfit with a pair of red patent pumps, screams sassy. Tuck the shirt in, buckle everything with a fancy belt and you’ll be a second away from the most rocking look ever. Just throw on a few stylish accessories and you’re ready for a crazy night out.

Pants for every occasion

You don’t have to show off your legs every time in order to put together a fashionable night-out look. What’s more, as long as you show some skin on the upper body, you’ll look fierce and sexy at the same time. A pair of straight-leg pants in combination with a silk blouse can go a long way. Alternatively, swap a blouse for a satin camisole that you can tuck in for a more polished look. Stick to neutral colours and you’ll easily mix in black sandals or even a pair of nude pumps with an entire ensemble. A pair of white jeans and a viscose blouse under a blazer is all you need for a relaxed evening out.

Say yes to the dress

Dresses will always make you look gorgeous, as long as you know which cut and length to stick to. Now that you’re approaching your 30s, it would be quite tacky to wear the same dress you wore when you were 18. Therefore, swap your easy-to-slip-in dresses with more appropriate and classy evening dresses that will actually flatter you. A white midi dress with thin straps is all you need for a casual rooftop party with your girls. Wrap and body con dresses are always a safe choice as long as you stick to the appropriate length. Mid-thigh is the highest you should go because anything shorter than that would be inappropriate and reveal more than you’d ever want to. Invest in a classy cocktail dress that you can wear any time, be it a night out, a day at the office or a dinner date.

Keep it comfortable

While your teenage years may have been all about height, your late 20s will certainly promote comfort. Therefore, swap your super high heels for ankle boots. Whether you decide to wear a mini skirt and a shirt, or a body con dress, ankle boots will keep your feet comfortable while also complementing your outfit. Oxford shoes are a classy alternative to ballerina flats that you’d wear during the day. Pair your favourite Oxfords with ripped jeans, a cropped top and a blazer, for the ultimate night out ensemble. For chilly weather, keep your knee-high boots at arm’s length because they’re all you could ask for to complete your autumn apparel. Should you decide to wear a knit dress or maybe a suede skirt and a turtleneck, knee-high boots will give a certain dose of class and sex appeal to an entire outfit. Pumps are an all-time favourite that will go virtually with any piece of clothing, so as long as you’re not aiming for too high a heel that will make your ankles hurt after making two steps, you should definitely make them a statement piece of your outfit.

Accessories are a must

No outfit is ever complete without fashionable accessories, so don’t forget to grab your handy crossbody bag. A fedora hat will add a certain dose of style and sass to your ensemble so feel free to rock it on your night out. Scarves are great for when you can’t be bothered to look for jewellery or you’re simply in a hurry. Learn how to tie them creatively and it can double up as a fancy necklace. Bangle bracelets alongside watches can make your simple outfit pop in a matter of seconds. The same goes with belts, as they can instantly make the outfit look dressed-up so look for the ones with big buckles to really accentuate your midsection and make a statement at the same time.

Final thoughts

Dressing in your late 20s will be more serious than your teenage outfits were, but without making you look too serious. Just make sure your skirts and dresses are an appropriate length, keep your footwear comfortable, accessorize smart and you’ll look classy every time you go out for a nightcap with your girls.

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