Wearing comfy shoes is on everyone’s to-do list, because our busy lives cannot handle blisters, loose straps, broken ankles and uncomfortable footwear. Luckily, we’re not limited to the sports section to find comfortable shoes anymore, and we can still be fashionable and comfy, because brands are getting the hint: we’re not gonna buy your uncomfortable shoes. So let’s see how these changes have shaped the upcoming spring season’s offer and what we can expect to see in store windows:



There are just about a million different styles of sandals, and just because they all have adjustable straps and let your feet breathe doesn’t mean that they are comfortable. Most importantly, we have to talk about the sole of the shoe. On many sandals, especially beach styles, the sole can be as thin as a piece of paper and you will find yourself burning your feet on the hot concrete through the shoe.

Additionally, thin soles mean that you will feel every little bump and pebble beneath you as you’re walking, which is anything but comfortable.

What you want to be looking for is something with an ergonomic sole like the Arizona Birkenstock sandals that will give you the support you need. The straps also need to be taken into consideration: the worst thing that can happen is your ankle slipping all over the place and getting hurt, so make sure that the straps you have are keeping your foot firmly in place – without stopping your blood flow!



There have been quite a few changes with heels recently. For one thing, we’re going futuristic. Many designers have turned completely away from the pointed heels and are now going boxy. This is a welcome relief for many women, since pointy shoes can squash your toes and be very uncomfortable. In addition to the boxy cut, the heels are getting either smaller or chunkier, which are both improvements on the comfy side.

If you’re not sure which heels will be comfortable enough, a good place to start are booties with chunky heels. Don’t think they’re good for spring? Think again, because cut-out boots are all the rage these days and they will keep you cool in more ways than one. If you want a little bit of a lift with your sandals, then give wedges a try. They’re much more comfortable than heels and they’ll give you some great height.



Lastly, let’s look at the kings of comfort: sneakers. Their entire pitch is that they are comfortable and allow you a full range of movement. But it would be kind of comical to see women everywhere pull off a Wendy Davis and wear shoes that really don’t go with the rest of their outfit and their profession all the time. Luckily, there are sneaker options that look professional and classy and will help you stay on your feet through meetings and lunch breaks alike.

However, if you’re really that much against sneakers, you can always wear fake ones, something closed that gives you all the flexibility of a sneaker but the professionalism of a heel. Look for leather street shoes to find such a style. There have also been comebacks of some “ugly” shoes, like the multi-colored, neon sneakers of our childhoods, that fashionistas of today have been managing to incorporate into outfits in the most incredible ways.

Being comfortable does no longer have to mean sacrificing style and fashion. You can be both active and on your feet without resorting to extra insoles, band-aids and similar problem-solvers. As long as we keep demanding comfort combined with fashion from designers and continue to refuse to buy uncomfortable clothing, we will fill the shelves with items that are through and through the best of both worlds.

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