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Thanks to media platforms such as reality television and social media networks such as Instagram, models and actresses have a new platform to gain exposure. Sadly, it also provides a deadly platform for bullying.

Let’s be real here, bullying has been around for years in all shapes and forms. Sadly in this age of social media, it has morphed into a dangerous and self-worth and esteem-destroying weapon of shaming and humiliating their victims.

Behind all the glam, glitz and beauty, many models experience bullying from jealous and scorned ex-lovers, their girlfriends or wives, or catty women in general.

One sad and unfortunate example is former British reality television star and fashion blogger/model, Loren Green.

Per the British tabloid, The Daily Mail, Green attracted attention from her Ex On The Beach co-star Adam Gabriel as he was a self-confessed fan of ‘mixed-raced girls with big boobs’.

Green opted to add to her buxom assets as it has been revealed she boosted her 28C cleavage up to an eye-popping 28GG after blowing an incredible £20,000 ($26,430 USD) on surgery – yet is determined to go even bigger.

The reality beauty showed off her incredible frame in a series of sizzling snaps after revealing she was racially abused at school for her skin color and afro hair’ leading to her transformation under the knife.

Loren burst onto the TV scene during Ex On The Beach’s second season aired on MTV in summer of 2015, when she became embroiled in a brief love triangle with Kayleigh Morris and Adam.

Since her stint on the show, the clothes horse has turned her attentions to a career in fashion and beauty blogging, with her site penned under the moniker Loren Renee and a whopping 35,400 Instagram followers.

During her time in the spotlight it seems old issues have surfaced as the Coventry-born beauty turned to surgery to boost her looks following childhood bullying.

Speaking about her desire for her looks, the stunning star revealed that being bullied for her skin color and afro hair has left her desperate for straight, sleek hair.

Last year, Loren fell victim to faulty fillers in her bid to create the perfect superstar pout when she was left with ‘lumps and white bits’ – leading to a trip back to the clinic to have her lips drained.

The reality starlet turned beauty blogger was filmed undergoing the painful procedure as she headed was forced to undergo further injections to remove the unsightly enhancements.

In a bid to give her fans an inside look at the perils of fillers, the Birmingham-born beauty was filmed having her lips drained as she revealed she was upset by the state her pout was left in following the botched procedure.

In the video she chronicled the experience, saying: ‘I’m here at Soul Care Aesthetics to finally get my pout fixed. I had it done 18 months ago and as you can see I’m left with lumps and white bits.

Atop her cosmetic journey, she also discussed her struggles with anxiety and depression while filming the series of EOTB.

She told The Sun: ‘For the first two weeks, which is like half the series, I was fine, I was normal. It was after I got in some drama with Kayleigh and Adam I thought ‘I don’t want to be there any more’.

‘I’m not used to stuff like that and drama every day – I felt like I was around people who already knew what that industry was and I’m from a small town, Cannock, it’s in the middle of nowhere and everyone knows everyone.

‘To go from that to something so extreme it was just crazy. It messed with my head – it was weird. I did suffer badly – I was diagnosed with depression and I had my tablets. I just didn’t feel comfortable in myself any more. I wasn’t happy being myself – it was such a strange feeling.’

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