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Located in the Andean region of central-western part of Colombia, Tolima sits comfortably above the mountains and close to the equator.

Home of Ibague, “The Music City of Colombia”, Tolima is know as the home of many of the country’s famed writers such as James canon, Hernan Clavijo and Carlos Granada and ten Colombian presidents such as Gabriel Paris and Deogracias Fonseca.

It is also home to Colombia’s hottest new export in Mexico City-based swimsuit model and businesswoman, Yesica Olaya.


Owner of her own boutique swimwear and sports apparel line, Yensay, Yesica has appeared in a wide array of magazines and catalogs across Central and South America such as Televia Sports just to name a few.

As if Mexico City doesn’t already have an array of beautiful things to look at and see, the stunning colombiana only adds to the beauty of Mexico’s largest city. Below is my Q and A with Yesica as we talk about Yensay, modeling, lifestyle and being bella!

Who Is She?

Name: Yesica Olaya

Birthplace: Tolima, Colombia

Profession: Model and businesswoman, acting student and creator of Yensay swimwear!

Social Media: Instagram: @yesicaofficial | @yenysayswimwear | @Latin_sun1


For those of us here in the States that don’t know about it, tell us about your swimwear line, Yensay, and about you as a model? I have a line of swimwear and sports apparel. I have been in magazines, newspapers, photographs and catalogs in Mexico such as Televisa Sports. Currently, I am settled in Mexico City, and am a photo model, I like posing for a lens as I’am the image of my swimsuit line, as I have a boutique of Colombian beauty and sport products,

What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of modeling? I like sports, jogging, eating healthy, going to the movies, going out to eat with my friends, traveling, knowing many countries.


What do you feel separates you from other models in the industry? I consider myself to be an intelligent woman and of course, bella (beautiful!)  I am also hard-working, studied, good daughter, good sister, good woman, good person and most important is humility and love for family!

Any big projects or upcoming work we should be on the lookout for? I have bigger dreams in going out, and being seen in several magazines at internationally.


Beauty tips: Exercise, eat healthy, lots of vitamins, get as much sun as possible, smile, love and fight for your dreams!

Special thanks to Ms. Yesica Olaya and In Models Agencia for their assistance during this Glamour Girl! Q and A feature Email us at if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.


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