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You know the famous song from The Clash, London Calling? Well when it does call, women such as dark-haired minx Elle Jay are likely the voice to be used.

A liver transplant survivor, the half British, half Spanish blue-eyed beauty is as mesmerizing to look at as she is to admire from a distance.

With curves and Angelina Jolie-like lips to spare, the busty twenty-something splits time between her home base in the U.K., the Canary Islands and sunny Los Angeles.

Featured in lad magazine’s such as Playboy, Zoo, Nuts, Closer and publications such as The Daily Star and The Sun, Elle Jay–also known as Lj–is a walking smoke show of hotness.

Below is my Q and A with Lj as we talk modeling, being a liver transplant survivor and her dreams of being a music deejay.

Who Is She?

Name:  Elle Jay ( Lj )

Height: 5’5

Measurements: 34DD-27-33

Birthplace: London, England, United Kingdom

How can we follow you online? Instagram: @lj_ellejay | Facebook: @ellejay | Snapchat/ lj_model | Twitter: @lj_ellejay

What’s magazines have you been published in? Playboy Cyber Girls, Zoo, Nuts, Closer, Ice, Max Power, The Daily Star, The Sun

Tell us a bit about you? I’ve modeled for so many years, but my personality is bigger than the girl in the pictures. i like helping other people that’s more important to me than anything else, I’m always up for a laugh and live everyday like its my last! I’m also half English half Spanish you can call me Spanglish 😉

How did you start modelling? I was scouted when i was 16 by an agency and never looked back… it was just luck, right place right time.

What’s best about turning up to a photo shoot? Meeting new people! I love to have a laugh and socialize.

Tell us what are you into besides modeling? Music! I live for it, I should of been a dj,

What does your family think of your modeling career? My family are very proud of all my achievements, they have been with me every step of the way!

Tell us about how you cope with your illness? My illness is my main priority in life, it is my life.. Living as a transplant recipient is hard. I try to find the positives out of it rather than the negatives, i look back at my life before i had an illness and remember how amazing it was, and that’s the life a lot of people have now yet they can’t see how lucky they are, I want to scream at everyone to go and enjoy yourself you’re life is amazing.

However, even though i suffer I’m grateful everyday that I’m here and I’m so grateful to my donor family that saved my life. so when its a bad day i think of them and remind myself what they have done for me, that’s the most amazing coping mechanism I have.

What would you say your best feature is? My personality for sure, i don’t look at myself and think ye girl! LOL

What are your 5 top work out routines? I can’t workout due to my transplant i do however squat, got to keep that booty in place.

What is your secret to staying in shape? I eat healthy always and never skip my morning weetabix 😉

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