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There is fierce, there is being unapologetic and then there is a raw case of not giving a fu%k.

You can call her brash, raw, edgy, but you can also call her sexy, that is what you can call internationally published Playboy Playmate, model, LFC fighter and actress, Karmen Moon

Born and raised in Boston, the statuesque pierced redhead has graced the covers of men’s lifestyle magazines and notable blogs such as, DYME Magazine, Fuse Magazine, Sanctuary Magazine,Well Konnected Magazine, Southern Vixens Magazine, Bizsu Magazine Fall issue, Easy Rider Magazine, HNS magazine and ZOO Magazine.

Outside of modeling, you may have also seen her—it’s not that hard to miss a 5’10 flame-haired green-eyed Amazon beauty such as Moon who has hosted Boston-area shows such as Model Behavior TV and New England Now on New England-based media network, NESN, appeared on crime thriller shows such as Law & Order SVU, Gotham and other shows such as Forger, Smash and Gigolos.

If you’re into mixed martial arts then you’re in luck as Moon is also a professional MMA fighter in the Lingerie Fighter Championships, and is also an avid sports fanatic, as she lives and dies by her hometown Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins.

Below is my Q and A with Karmen as we discuss modeling, acting, her love of animals and even a little TV binging.



Who Is She?

Name: Karmen Moon

Age: 33

Height: 5’10

Measurements: 36DD-25-37

Birthplace: Boston, MA

Social links: Twitter: @KarmenMoon1102 | Instagram:  @Karmen.Moon | Facebook:  @iamKarmenMoon

Notable Publications and Media: Playboy,, DYME Magazine, Fuse Magazine, Sanctuary Magazine,Well Konnected Magazine, Southern Vixens Magazine, Bizsu Magazine Fall issue, Easy Rider Magazine, HNS magazine, Playboy Golf, ZOO Magazine. Media and Television: Host of Model Behavior TV (NESN), Guest Host of New England Now (NESN), Law & Order SVU –season 12(NBC), Law & Order SVU- season 15(NBC), Gotham- season 3, Believe- season 1, The Forger, Smash – season 2 and Gigolos – season 2

About you: I was born & am currently living in Boston, MA but love to travel. My dog is my life haha. As much as I love to model i also very much enjoy acting. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, binging tv shows & movies, reading books, I’m a huge true crime/serial killer fan haha. I also love to horseback ride and hike through the woods with my dog.

I’ve also been diagnosed with a few different illnesses that I now consider myself an advocate for, and I’ll be trying to bring more awareness to them.

So you Model tell us about the experience and how you got in to it?: Well, I used to do beauty pageants and modeling when I was a lil’ kid but then stopped for a long time to fulfill other interests but than it all started back up again because of an ex boyfriend! Haha (at least they’re good for something) he played the guitar in a band and we were at a guitar store one day while one of the guitar designers was also there.

He liked my look and wanted to shoot me for the new magazine ads he was doing for his guitars. So I did it. Then Playboy Golf was coming to Boston and I had a friend who wanted to try out so she convinced me to submit the guitar photos (as those were all I had back then! Haha!) Not only did I make it as a Boston girl of golf, but I won the competition and got a trip out to LA to the Playboy Mansion! Everything else too off from there!


What do you love most about a photo shoot? I love creating art. I try to always have different photos from every shoots whether it’s the theme, my wardrobe, hair&makeup etc. it’s a creative outlet for me plus i don’t want my portfolio looking like every other models’.

Tell us about your fitness routines? I do MMA fighting with the LFC (lingerie fighting championship). Yes, it’s real MMA, we’re basically a combo of UFC & the WWE divas haha. So my routines are usually always trying to stay in fighting shape and/or learn new skills for the cage.

Top 5 Fitness routines? Kickboxing/Boxing, Hiking, Yoga, Mountain Biking, Swimming & Running at the beach

What do you do in your spare time? I enjoy cooking, binging TV shows & movies, reading books, (I’m a huge true crime/serial killer fan haha.) I also love to horseback ride and hike through the woods with my dog. I live trying new foods and visiting new places.

What are you looking to achieve in 2018? To get myself, body & mind healthy again so that I can continue to make the art that my fans have come to expect and enjoy from me. I’m dying to shoot some new concepts. I’d also love to pick up where I left off and dive further into the acting world.

I’d also love to continue building my social media presence not only since that’s the main way to get jobs nowadays haha but I’d like to use mine for a greater good and try to spread awareness to different autoimmune diseases.

➖Quick fire questions➖

Wine or vodka: wine

Cat or dog: dog

Lingerie or fashion: Both! lingerie is fashion! Haha

Dinner or dessert: again, Both! I’m Italian, we like food!

Special thanks to Ms. Karmen Moon and King Publishing for their assistance during this Glamour Girl! Q and A feature Email us at if you feel that you have the look of being our next GG! girl.

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