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They say that all things come in threes. Whether it is two-time NBA champion and MVP, Steph Curry shooting one from 30-plus feet, death, taxes and debtor a called strike in baseball.

Three seems to be a defining number.

One of the most beautiful examples is the number of times in which Australian glamour model and aspiring actress, Jasmin Shojai has been featured here–and here–at INSCMagazine. To say that Jasmin is a combination of exotic beauty, raw sexiness and to burrow from MAXIM–an international smoke show–is an understatement thanks to her Persian/German background.

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Since winning Australia’s Top Glamour Model award back in 2017, the soon-to-be 24-year-old Mrs. Shojai has gone to appear in some of the top men’s magazines in the world such as the forementioned MAXIM, FHM and Playboy.

A growing name in the world of online media, she has also appeared and been feature in various media/celebrity outlets ranging from the The UK-based Daily Mail and

And now, she’s coming to America!

Set to make her first-ever trip to the United States this July, Shojai has the potential to be the biggest Australian import to invade America since Crocodile Dundee. Move over Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman and Heath Ledger! Ms. Jasmin Shojai is ready to bring some heat from Down Under to the Good ol’ U.S of A!

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In the States from July 18 till August 6th, I catch up with Jasmin as we talk about her trip to the U.S. , her bucket list of things to do and places to see while she is here, her latest accomplishments and a little World Cup action.

Who Is She?

Name: Jasmin Shojai

Age: 24 ( as of July 21)

Height: 5’6

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Hometown: Canberra, Australia

Measurements: Bust: 35″ Waist: 28″ Hips: 39″

Modeling Agency: Individually managed and signed with Silk Row and Glamour Girls Model Agency

Publications: Maxim US (online),FHM Taiwan, Playboy Australia and Playboy Poland

Social Media Links: (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube): Twitter: @jasmin_shojai|. Facebook:@jasminshojaimodel | Instagram:@jasminshojaimodel | Youtube: Jasmin Shojai.

Latest accomplishments:
Guest on ‘The Project’ on Channel Ten Australia- “Model Tax Deductions” (12th March 2018)
Live radio interview with Gawndy and Ash Pollard on Sea FM 101.3 FM
Appearances in the Daily Mail and other news/celebrity websites
Photo: Kounelli Photography
It’s been a minute! How have you been? I have been very well, very busy as well. There has been a lot of great things happening for me at the moment

So, with the World Cup now over, were you excited? I suppose a little. When I was a child, I was really engaged into the world Cup and would watch it on TV. Nowadays with my modeling and acting career, it’s been very busy for me. If I get the chance I will watch it on TV for sure

Photo: John Cody

Since you’re half German, can we assume that you were rooting for Die Mannschaft? Definitely, I hoped that they would have won. I rooted for Australia as well, had they gone through

Word on the street is that you’re about to be taken off the market, you know you are breaking a lot of men’s hearts around the world right? I am sure I am haha. I have many fans out there, both men and women globally. It is so amazing to have so much support and have people fall in love with you, and what you do. It is such an honour and I am absolutely grateful to have such wonderful fans across the globe. Despite what happens, I will be continuing with modelling and as some people may know, I am also pursuing a career to become a professional actress. 

Photo: John Cody
How much has your life changed since posing in Maxim, Playboy, FHM? Ever since I started modelling its been an amazing adventure. I can definitely say since posing in Maxim, FHM and Playboy magazines it has definitely been very busy, and progressive for me. I am becoming recognized in the industry and whole world to some extent. I can definitely say it has given me more recognition in Australia. I am getting a lot of work and bookings as well of course.
Last week, I was on National television on a very popular show called ‘The Project’ which is on Channel Ten Australia. It was an amazing experience, I very much enjoyed it. It was an honour to be selected to be on the show, in which I voiced my opinion on Cosmetic surgery/enhancements and why they should be tax deductable. In fact that very same night not long after it aired, we got contacted by a radio station for a live interview the next morning. Which I very much enjoyed as well. So since posing in those magazines it has given me alot of exposure and has opened many more doors for me.
Of all of the many accomplishments and accolades you’ve garnered in modeling recently, what is THE one that you are most proud of? That’s a good question. I honestly believe all of my achievements which I have made through my passion and commitment to modelling have brought me to where I am today. My team in the USA and Australia, as well as myself are very proud of what I have done to this day. The highlights for me personally are my features in Playboy, Maxim and FHM. Being awarded the National title of ‘Australia’s Top Glamour Model of 2017’ and of course my recent appearance on television, and radio here in Australia.
Credits: Hair by Nhi Truong Behind the scenes with Octane Film and Saxegaard Photography


I’ve really enjoying getting the chance to interview you now three times…what is it about INSCMagazine that you enjoy working and collaborating with so much? I really enjoy the interviews on INSC, not only for me but also generally. The interviews are always fun and interesting to read. INSC Magazine is a really good site and network, with a good audience, it is always an honor and pleasure to be featured on here. Keep up the great work 
You excited about coming to the States? I am very excited, I absolutely cannot wait. It is going to be an awesome tour. Thank you to my team here in Australia and the USA for helping me organize this. I plan on being very productive and networking with a lot of professionals in the industry while I am there. 
Photo: Steven Lloyd Photography
Any places, sights you hope to see? Iwill be using the time to explore and relax as well. During my tour I will be visiting Seattle, Vegas, Toronto and Los Angeles. I definitely look forward to trying American fast food and restaurants while I am there 
What’s the one thing on your USA travel bucket list you hope to accomplish?
I plan to work with some amazing photographers. Which is definitely going to happen. My team has set up many projects already
Photography by Quby
Sports wise, what’s on your bucket list to see here in the States?A basketball game would be interesting. My partner is into a wide range of US sports, so I will see what he suggests. I remember recently there was a basketball game with the Lakers and Warriors I believe? A lot of people were into that, I kept seeing a lot of posts in my newsfeed from my American friends.
Aside from networking and getting to work with some photographers here in the States, what are you hoping to do and accomplish during your barnstorming tour of the United States?
I am looking to have a good time and make friends too. I have been working very hard. Particularly this year. So I will be looking to do some fun activities and enjoy my time with my partner there.
Photo: Guy Tadman
Any people, models, togs that you’re hoping to meet? I know I will meet many people in the industry. Including meeting my US Management Team in person for the first time
Any athletes or celebrities you hope to rub elbows with?If I get to meet any I think that would be amazing. I know with my acting career, a lot or people have inspired me. Two of my favorite female actresses are Jennifer Aniston and Fran Drescher. It would be absolutely amazing to meet them one day.
Photo: John Cody
What cities and towns are you hoping to visit? I will be visiting Las Vegas, Seattle, Toronto and Los Angeles 
Lastly, what’s the one thing you hope to take back with you to The Land Down Under? A lot of good memories and gained experience for sure, and lots of shopping items haha. 
Photo: John Cody

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