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Every writer has a certain set of activities of things that they are used to. While some of these could be aiding their writing abilities, there are other instances where these activities could be wrong and detrimental to one’s writing ability. Students develop and grow through their teachers.

However, there are habits that one develops outside the influence of the teachers. Just as before, some of these positively impact a student while in other instances they negatively impact them. This article is keen to help students identify and do away with the habits and activities that impact them negatively.

Some of the top mistakes made by students were provided by team, and it is important for you to read this article while looking inwardly. This is because you could be making one of them unknowingly. Pay close attention to each.

1. Procrastinate

Procrastination is a habit that plagues people of all ages. However, adults will often be heard saying that they developed this particular habit while they were students. People who are victims of this habit will often be heard saying things like ‘i will work on that later,’ ‘a week or two is a long time,’ ‘there is still a lot of time left,’ etc. If your day has these things or occasionally find yourself saying them, then you do make this mistake. The disadvantages of this mistake are many, and you will often find yourself conflicting with your teachers. Some of the issues that arise as a result of this mistake include late assignments, failed tests because you started studying late, lower grades, etc. As a student, you need to prepare yourself early and be ready for anything.

2. Eat too much junk food

College students’ biggest mistakes do not necessarily involve or ate limited to how they conduct themselves in class. However, they can also involve lifestyle choices and decisions which will impact them later in life. A good example is eating too much junk food. Foods which fall in this category include most of the foods sold in fast food joints, crips, energy drinks, etc . While these will keep you going, they are also leaving you vulnerable to lifestyle diseases. Therefore, do your best to eat healthy foods while minding your old age.

3. Skimp on sleep

Sleep is essential in life, but to some students, it is optional and can be skipped at any time. Well, what many of you fail to realize is that failure to sleep does not necessarily mean you will have a lot of time to study and do your things. While the above might seem like the truth at first, it is vital that you understand how your body is greatly impacted when you fail to have enough rest. First of all, your brain tires and you will start missing some obvious instructions because you will not be able to remember certain things. Your body will also tire and might shut down. Therefore, take some time off and rest.

4. Not starting early enough

Not starting early enough is closely related to procrastination. When people postpone things, they end up putting pressure on themselves especially when the deadline nears. For example, a student who starts their assignment late will find themselves with a mountainous task once the deadline nears. Starting early is a product of great planning. Therefore, while in school or while doing your assignments, always remember to plan and manage your time well. Doing these things will help you start your assignments early, submit them in time, and earn good grades.

5. Memorizing, rather than understanding

To millions of students around the world, memorizing appears simple and an easier path to great grades. However, many fail to realize that memorizing is only short-term and dos do not equate to understanding a concept or an idea. Memorizing will help you pass a test but not an entire course. You need to read and understand what you are reading if you are to get a distinction or an equivalent mark. Memorization is a product of starting late. Students who start revising for their tests late will always find themselves trying to memorize concepts instead of understanding them. Therefore, ensure that you start early to have enough time to read, research, and understand the various concepts found in your course.

6. Skipping classes

Skipping classes is a common mistake student make. Unknowingly to them, though, is the fact that grasping a teacher’s explanation makes personal studying easier. As a student, you should do your best to attend all the classes and ensure that you are heavily invested in what is happening. During a class, the session is when you can ask questions and challenge certain ideas. Never depend on personal study alone. It is not only enough but also challenging if you did not grasp or partially understand class work. Therefore, avoid this habit and make the necessary changes and adaptations to ensure that you are always attending classes.


The above points are credible tips to becoming a good student. Being a student calls for a certain level of seriousness without which one can never succeed or get that grade they so crave for. Being an excellent manager starts with simple things like managing your time well and also starting early. While these tips might appear as though they only apply to you as a student, the truth they will help you even later in life. Therefore, do not ignore but put into practice all that you have read.

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