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(Editor’s Note: Original June 2015 interview of Ann Denise conducted by Chloe Lapper, new and updated content provided by Founder and Publisher, Robert D. Cobb)


Two years ago, Glamour Girl debuted here at INSCMagazine, which featured some of the hottest names in glamour modeling. Now that it back once again, we decided to do a special re-post of the original interview that helped start it all in UK-based Playboy model, fitness, lingerie and glamour girl, Ann Denise Wilson.

Wilson, a dark-haired, blue-eyed 29-year-old stunner from Manchester, has graced the cover of notable men’s magazines such as Nuts and Pyayboy, as well as being a regular in UK-based tabloids such as The Mirror and The Daily Mail. Thanks to a combined social media following of 261K (144k on Twitter, 95.1K on Instagram and 21.9K on Facebook–Wilson is one of the most influential social media influencers around.

Below is our original interview with the Manchester maven, as she talks about glamour modeling, working out and crushing on Chris Brown.


Name: Ann Denise Wilson

Age: 28

Birthplace: Manchester, United Kingdom

Height: 5’5

Measurements: 30E-25-34

Social Media Links: Twitter: @anndenisewilson | Instagram: @anndenisewilson | Facebook: @Anndenisukmodel | Website:


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Name, age, where you’re from? “Hi! My name’s Ann Denise and I’m 28 years old from Manchester, UK.”

When was it you started doing glamour modeling? “I was asked to do a few random shoots through college which helped me build up a portfolio. By the time I left I had a some contacts in the modeling world but I didn’t start modeling full time straight away, I worked as a PA in an office for two years but I was sooooo bored! I wanted a job that was different every day, let me meet new people and travel the world.”

How did you get into glamour? After shooting lingerie and commercial campaigns for a while I thought I’d try glamour and applied to a more glamour-orientated agency. Soon I shot my first topless calendar and a company asked me if I would like to launch my own members only website,


What would you say are the best and worst parts of being in the industry? “The best part is getting to travel to new places, meet new people and wear amazing things that I would never usually have the opportunity to. The other week I shot in lingerie worth thousands of pounds, the week before I was shooting in couture dresses.

The downside to modeling as a career is like it or not, you’re in the public eye. Whether you consider yourself ‘famous’ or not, there are always going to be people that make assumptions about you from looking at your photos. The amount of times someone has said “wow, you’re actually really nice, I thought you were going to be a bitch” is ridiculous.

I think many people assume that because you model you enjoy attention and because I don’t and I’m quite quiet, they assume that I must be unfriendly or stuck up. But if you know me I’m extremely friendly! Modeling has made me a very guarded person as so many people talk about me and I’ve had to try hard not to let it get to me. I just see it as a job, I go to a shoot and I come home and go to bed.”

What’s been your favorite shoot? There have been far too many! I love flying abroad to shoot for my website in the sun but I love shooting for fashion, makeup and fitness companies just as much.”
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Do you have a heavy gym routine? if so what do you do? “I work out once a week with my trainer Ryan, who runs Area5 Fitness. It is a one-on-one boxing class and it’s probably the best thing I ever started. I’ve been doing it about a year now and I feel so much stronger and a lot more toned.”

Who’s your celebrity crush? “I go through phases, when I was little I was in love with Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and I went from that to Chris Brown. Right now I don’t think I even have one, I’m too picky!”

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If you could be an animal for the day who would it be? “I’d be a fly on the wall so I could spy on everyone and gather information for future use, Haha!”

And lastly, would you recommend others to join the glamour world? “It depends who I was recommending it to, you have to be a very strong person and be prepared to be talked about a lot. Other than that it’s a really fun job but like any job it has its ups and downs and as long as you’re prepared for that go for it!

What people don’t realize is that you have to work very hard, so many people think it’s just standing there having your picture taken which it definitely isn’t. And I certainly didn’t have anything handed to me on a plate!”

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