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A country that has given us leprechauns, potatoes, shamrocks and Celtics, has suddenly become more known as an international talent pool in the world of entertainment.

From UFC champion Conor McGregor to Hollywood A-list hunks such Colin Farrell to models such as Olivia Wilde. One cannot help but wonder how a country as small as The Emerald Isle is able to produce some of entertainment’s most notable names and faces.

Could Irish-born, Australian-based glamour model in Cecelia Rose be the next Emerald Island lass to make a name for herself?

A busty and curvy brunette, Rose has graced some of the top men’s magazines in Maxim, Playboy, Manic and Fuse. A makeup artist outside of modeling, the 28-year-old Irish babe has been burning up the modeling scene since coming down from from her native Ireland to the Land Down Under six years ago.

Below is my Q and A with Cecelia as we talk modeling, life in Ireland and Australia, dreams of posing in FHM and her secret to staying in shape.

Who Is She?

Name: Cecelia Rose

Age: 28

Birthplace: Ireland

Residence: Sydney, Australia

Social Media Links: Instagram: @Cecelia__rose | Snapchat: Ceceliabe

Notable Publications/Media: Maxim, Playboy, Manic and Fuse

Tell us a bit about you? My name is Cecelia Rose and I am 28 years old. I describe myself as an independent woman who works really hard. I love the feeling of self-achievement and pushing yourself to the limit. I would describe my personality as easy going, honest loyal. I first started modeling when I moved to Australia I did my first shoot in 2012.

How did you start modeling? I grew up in a country town in Ireland which didn’t have a lot of opportunities in modeling for me so I knew I had to put myself out there to get to where I wanted to be and to achieve the goals i had my heart set on since I was young.

What’s best about turning up to a photo shoot? The best thing about turning up to a photo shoot is having your make up and hair done which makes me feel really good about myself and once you feel good and comfortable it defo (definitely) shows on the camera. I always enjoy shooting and meeting new people.

Tell us what are you into besides modeling? Beside modeling I’m a qualified hair and make up artist and I am currently studying marketing.

Where do you prefer to live Australia or Ireland? If I have to choose Ireland or Australia it would defo (definitely) be Australia, I love Australia it like home to me now I spend over 7 years and I just love the weather here it amazing.

What magazines have you been published in? I been published in Maxim, Playboy, Manic magazine, Fuse magazine and other online magazines.

Are you planning to grace any more magazines in the future? I haven’t been  in FHM yet so that what I would love to be in next. 

What would you say your best feature is? If I had to choose one best feature about me It would be my eyes.

What are your 5 top work out routines? When it comes to training I focus on each part of the body but i mainly focus more on the booty. I do more weight training and little bit of cardio.

What is your secret to staying in shape? My secret in staying in shape is having balance. Really, I regularly eat healthy meals but I do have a sweet tooth that my weakness. I do feel eating every three hours is really important to keep your energy going and helps me keep in shape.


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