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We all need a little motivation to stay fit and work ourselves into a proverbial lather right. Look no further than Playboy model Amy Lee Summers.

While many of us Yankees will try to hit the gym to train their bodies as the temperatures drops, Amy takes things to a whole new level. The 26-year-old New Zealand-born beauty, famous for her luscious pout just as much as her sporty physique and sultry looks, makes time to train her mouth on a daily basis.

Amy, from Wellington, New Zealand said: “I’m proud of my body and I work hard to stay in shape but I spend just as much time on my face. “I’ve been blessed with full lips and I want to do them justice so I do a work out every day.” per The Daily Star, as she told Sarah Buchanan

The former Playmate pulls funny faces for up to three hours every day in a bid to maintain that “perfect” pout. She said: “It usually means doing loads of silly faces and doing reps of pouts. “I start by stretching my mouth into a smile and then make lots of little o-shapes.

“My friends think I’m crazy but I also exercise my tongue because it’s a strong muscle and should be exercised too.” “I basically spend a lot of time sticking my tongue out which can be funny especially if anyone’s watching me.”

She’s also a fan of singing and often bops along to Bob Marley. Amy continued: “The more I exercise my mouth and face, the more relaxed I feel.

“When it comes to doing a photoshoot I’m totally chilled which is probably why the pictures come out like they do. “I’ve always loved being in front of the camera and I take my profession seriously.”

“My body and face are my livelihood so I look after them.”

She added: “You see some models whose bodies are amazing but they’re faces sag a little and their lips get thinner. “I want to keep myself in good shape for as long as possible but it means I have to work at it.

“I usually try and exercise my face and lips two to three hours a day.”

Yeah! Who knew that face and lip exercises were the secret to staying on top of the modeling world, right!

Special thanks to King Publishing and The Daily Star for their time and assistance with this Glamour Girl feature. Quotes used are per The Daily Star.

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