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Glamour Girl! What’s Dating Like When You’re A Playboy Model? Hayley Bray Tells All!

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It’s bad enough that dating in today’s ear of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is bad enough, how about if you’re a Playboy model like Hayley Bray.

Bray, a 28-year-old London-based blonde bombshell has graced the pages of the likes of Playboy and Maxim. And as any other model, her IG game is strong as  Hayley’s Instagram has racked up an impressive 120,000 followers.

However, when it comes to dating and finding that special someone, there is a bigger issue than just hitting unfollow or block.

Per the British tabloid, The Daily Star, the 5’4 busty beauty is inundated with compliments everyday from men for her stunning looks and body. Hayley said she often gets a “weird” reaction from some men.

She exclusively told Daily Star Online: “I’ve been on Tinder for about a year. “But I get a weird reaction from guys. “I try not to give them my Instagram on the first or second date as this affects things.”

Hayley said this was exactly the case with one guy she met and really liked.

She continued: “Yeah he changed when he saw my pictures. “We’re really good friends now but modelling has ruined the potential of a relationship with him.”

Before that, Hayley said she was in a relationship with a guy for four years. She said she even stopped her modelling for him because he “wasn’t supportive”.

However, after they split up, she reignited her career again. For now, Hayley said she’s just focusing on making it big in the modelling world than find love. Whether you’re a regular Plain Jane or Playboy model like Hayley, the game of love is just as complicated and tricky as ever.

Special thanks to King Publishing and The Daily Star for their time and assistance with this Glamour Girl feature. Quotes used are per The Daily Star.

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