Glamour Girl! Playboy Model Holly Wolf Targeted By Trolls For Only Dating Asian Men

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If there is another sad example of how prevalent racism and misogyny has become more emboldened and rampant online, look no further than Canadian-born Playboy model and cosplayer, Holly Wolf.

Per the Daily Mail, Wolf, a Playboy model has told how she regularly receives verbal abuse and threats from white men because she only dates Asian men boyfriends.

29, Wolf reportedly last dated a white man in college but since reaching her adult years she says she has only ever been attracted to Asians. Shockingly, the Playmate revealed that she regularly receives abuse from men when she tells them what her type is.

‘I dated a few Asian dancer friends of mine, and then it kind of just all went from there,’ said Wolf. ‘I solely find [Asians] much more attractive than white guys.’ She added: ‘I’ve had situations where white guys have recognized me from modelling and have tried asking me on a date.

‘They can be really persistent until I literally have had to say, “Look, you’re not my type. I like Asian guys, don’t even try.” They get so angry at me. So angry.’

‘People hate. That’s the thing, especially white guys. They get so angry. I’ve had people just call me all sorts of names after rejecting them.

‘They just get so angry to the point where they’d call me a w**** and a s*** and, ‘Oh, I didn’t like you anyway.”

She added: ‘Racism is still really prevalent which I find just shocking considering how global we all are now. I just wish people would accept each other for who they are underneath.’ as she told the British tabloid recently.

The Toronto-born bombshell, who recently got proposed to—and engaged—to 25-year-old former UP Fighting Marrons Filipino basketball star JR Gallarza at Fan Expo Canada 2017, only seemed to add more fuel to the racist fire for trolls.

To think that it is 2017, and despite living in a more multi-cultural, mixed-race society, that instead of talking about the diversity of dating across cultural and racial lines, that bullying, trolling, white supremacy and nationalism have remerged.

Love knows no age, race or color, such as the new Wolf-Gallarza union shows, hopefully one day, trolls such as these these will appreciate all things that are as beauty and breathless as she is.

Special thanks to King Publishing and The Daily Mail for their time and assistance with this Glamour Girl feature. Quotes used are per The Daily Mail.


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