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With spring right around the corner, thoughts of traveling to exotic lands, working on that beach body and wanting to get away from the cold are already on the minds of many. Although that might be difficult due to COVID-19, wanting to be fit, toned, in shape and sexy shouldn’t discourage anyone, despite being in the midst of a global pandemic.

One such person you can point to for some fitness motivation to get you thru these tough times is Caracas-born model, Laura Silva. Silva, who has worked in a wide variety of TV commercials and print advertising, has really made a name for herself in acting and hosting game shows.

In doing everything from hosting lottery shows to famous ones such as ntrevistas con el Deporte, Silva is not only very pretty, but also versatile and multi-talented. Below I catch up with Ms. Silva down in her native Venezeula as we discuss modeling, fashion, beauty inspirations and those who inspired her to get into modeling.


Who Is She?


Name: Laura Silva

Social Media: Instagram : @silvalaura

Birthplace: Lugar de Nacimiento: Caracas, Venezuela


How Did you get started in Modeling?

Modeling was a dream that I had since I was a child because in my country Miss Venezuela is very popular since we were little we grew up with that beauty culture when I grew up I attracted to my life unconsciously I worked in events and one thing was leading to another I began to do casting And likewise, and without realizing it, I was already involved in modeling.

A model friend took me to a very well-known agency in Venezuela of the best Agency SOLO MODEL and it was there that my career really began.

I did not stop working and although I was studying business administration my work commitments in the artistic environment did not allow me to exercise administration since then I dedicated my life to my passion, I enjoyed my work to the fullest. After so many projects carried out in TV commercials and print advertising catalogs, I dedicated myself to studying acting and preparing to be a host.

I was chosen to work on a television channel in a very famous Lottery program and I worked too in a famous TV Show, ntrevistas con el Deporte In Meridiano.

Anything funny that happened during a casting?

Casting is part of the day to day of a model. I have always said that in a carting they demand more from you than in the project itself.

When you are doing casting you are so nervous and pending to do it well that the adrenaline does not let you even think, after you do it you say Ohhhh!!!! it was very fun, on one occasion I had to do a group casting where we pretended that we were dressing in fast camera when you see the video is that you die of laughter each casting is a unique experience.

What Does Fashion mean to you?

For me fashion is a way of expressing how you feel, it is art, it is feeling, it is Passion.

Who is your biggest beauty inspiration?

When I was a child, I loved to read fashion magazines and one of the most famous models at that time was Cindy Crawford, she was my inspiration.

What are your goals as a model?

Throughout my career I have learned that being a model goes beyond what you see on the outside, being a model is a great responsibility is transmitting with a look and your body expression a message to the masses the usefulness of a garment or dress product is to support With your attitude image to a designer who wants to show his product to the world.

My goals as a model in addition to continuing to enjoy what I chose is also to support new generations who decide to undertake this career. Transmitting them that with perseverance and dedication they can go very far.

Who are some of your favorite models and designers? And Why?

My favorite models are those from the 90s such as Cindy Crawford Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell for me those years were key to mark a new era in the world of fashion my favorite designer is Carolina Herrera Venezuelan designer noted for her elegance, her class who has known how to satisfy the needs of glamorous and distinguished women.

How did you stay in shape?

Obviously to be a model you must be a person who, as the word says, model a role model to be in this position requires being disciplined and careful with your image keeping yourself in shape is an important part of this career.

I have always been very aware of cooking my nutrition and exercise at least 3 days a week for me it is also very important for my balance to maintain serenity and spiritual peace for this this goes hand in hand with physical care at least once a week I like to have contact with nature my favorite place the beach. I also like to meditate daily and combine my exercises with a little yoga.

What is fun and rewarding about modeling?

The most rewarding thing about this career is when you see your achievements materialized after so many efforts when you look back and see everything that has had to happen for the final product to happen, you say it was worth so much effort.

What is behind a photograph of a 40 sec TV commercial to convey a message is a series of events and efforts of several people at the same time when you see beyond that is what makes you feel proud of everything you are and you have been and the projection of your work that is yourself.


Special thanks to LMC Models and Ms. Laura Silva for their help and assistance.



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