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Yokkao, a fashion brand famous for its world-class Thai boxing gear and apparel, was founded by Philip Villa in 2010. It has established an exclusive and prominent place in the fightwear industry with its innovative and unique range of fight gears as well as fashionable sportswear.

Besides offering premium quality Muay Thai products, Yokkao operates on a vertically integrated model from hosting top international Thai boxing events, training seminars, to running the Yokkao training center in downtown Bangkok.

Yokkao events and seminars have acquired a reputation for being among the most highly-regarded in the Muay Thai world. The training center has also quickly earned its name as one of the most notable Muay Thai gyms in the world since opening in 2016.

The Team of Yokkao

Yokkao is made up of a hard-working and professional team of ex-fighters and combat sports enthusiasts who are mostly from Thailand and Italy. The mishmash and fusion of the two countries’ cultures courtesy of the team has given rise to a distinguishing characteristic of the company’s brand identity.

The diverse Yokkao team has compounded the growth of the company under the direction of Philip Villa, the Italian martial arts practitioner, entrepreneur, and founder of Yokkao.

Villa not only introduced a complete revamp of Muay Thai gear and sportswear with a modern style that has revolutionized the industry. The dynamic founder is among the industry’s earliest adopters of social media marketing. Yokkao’s extensive social media presence has contributed immensely to the brand’s rapid success.

How did it Begin?

Yokkao first started making its name in January 2011 when it began distributing its products in Europe. Philip Villa then rounded up many of the greatest Muay Thai fighters and biggest names of the time from Europe and Thailand, and signed them on as the first-ever Yokkao fight team.

Some of the notable names include Buakaw Banchamek (then Buakaw Por Pramuk), Saenchai, Liam Harrison, Dzhabar Askerov, Jordan Watson, and many more.

In order to grow the brand while supporting local gyms, the company also partnered with the best Muay Thai gyms in Thailand, such as Por Pramuk Muay Thai Camp in Chachoengsao, Sityodtong Muay Thai Camp in Pattaya, and 13 Coins in Bangkok.

According to Villa, he will continue supporting local gyms in Thailand as much as possible. He said:

“As the founder of a Thai brand, I have a social responsibility to give back, and I make sure the brand prioritizes gyms in Thailand, especially in the northern part of the country, where a lot of gyms are forced to use cushions, instead of proper training pads. Supporting the local Thai gyms is something that I have always done behind the scenes, but I decided that we will start to show some of our initiatives to our fans.”

Bridging The Worlds of Muay Thai & Fashion

Villa’s passion for Muay Thai does not end here within the combat sports world. According to him,

“Our mission is to build and promote the sport continues at every level.”

He has recently set his sights on the upscale market and has planned to release limited editions of the Yokkao products.

Always one to challenge the status quo, Villa is also ready to expand his brand into new frontiers with a game changing project. Yokkao is set for its debut on the runways of Milan Fashion Week in January 2021 with the launch of Yokkao Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

The sportswear collection has been years in the making, brought to life by the collaborative efforts between Italian designers, the Yokkao team in Thailand and Villa himself.

When asked why he has chosen to bring Muay Thai to Milan Fashion week, Philip Villa explains, “I accomplish what I set out to do, and this project is no different. I know that it will massively benefit the world of Muay Thai and for all of us at Yokkao. When I say all of us, I am talking about those who have been supporting the brand and the sport of Muay Thai for many years: fighters, fans, and employees. It will be like winning a World Title all of us together, as a team, as a family.”

Villa’s effort to bridge the two distinct worlds of Muay Thai and fashion through Yokkao marks a big step for the fight brand, and a giant leap for the Muay Thai industry.

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