Glass Tiles - What to Do and What To Avoid

Glass tiles are one of the most conventional and timeless options available on the market. These tiles have a millennia-old rich history. Glass tiles are versatile and beautiful. In simple terms, these tiles have a reason to stick around.

You have the beautiful benefits of using glass tiles in your home. The colors you pick say a lot about the personality you wish your home to display. The BELK Tile presents you with a great range of glass tiles. The collection available on the BELK Tile is more than sufficient for you to transform your house from ordinary to extraordinary.

The BELK Tile offers a wide choice suitable for everyone’s style and pocket. On the other hand, the texture of the glass reflects the easy-going, transparent, and clean look of the modern decor. Depending upon the color you choose for glass tiles, your place will reflect a calm, serene, and relaxing feel. Even its shape adds volume to an area.

For instance, if you choose rectangular tiles, it would give out a more organized masculine feel. The circular mosaic gives out unconventional and more fun vibes. The choice of glass tiles is your individual choice. However, you need to know a few things before using them in your house.    

Things to keep in mind

Take note of a few things when installing glass tiles. The following are some of the most important considerations.

  • Hire a professional – You should hire an expert tile installer to assist you in this task.
  • Keep stock – There is a possibility of breakage while delivery, so always buy extra tiles.
  • Water problem – If the tiles are getting wet, use quality cement board substrate.
  • Thin set tip – Use light shade thin-set.
  • Level it out – Level out the surface for installation, or it will crack.

When to avoid installing glass tile

Everyone wants to install glass tiles in their home and business. However, not everyone can use glass tiles even if they wish to install them. You must know when you should avoid installing glass tile. You should not opt for glass tile if you have budget restrictions.

Glass tiles are as expensive as beautiful they are. However, it is worth investing in when paying for individuality and beauty.

Glass tiles are not suitable for the floors. It is not because it is difficult to install, but it is risky. Glass tiles are susceptible to scratches and breakage. The flooring has a lot of traffic. It is not worth taking the risk as they are expensive unless you are ready to spend on re-installing. 

You should avoid going for glass tiles when you lack experience in glass tiles. It is hard to install glass tiles if they aren’t on a mesh backing. In that case, it is wise to work with a professional tile installer to showcase an overview of the correct way of installing glass tiles. 

All this information will help you to make your choice regarding glass tiles. All you need is to shop for the glass tile for your next remodeling project. 

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