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Golden State Warriors: Kevin Durant on pace for 2nd MVP

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Not many teams can say they have one MVP caliber player, but the Golden State Warriors have two possible candidates. Stephen Curry will be there at the end but Kevin Durant may be the one walking away with the hardware.

MVP may not mean much to him this season as he chases his first NBA title but what he’s accomplished so far is amazing.

When the news broke that he would be joining forces with the Splash Brothers and Draymond Green many thought his numbers would take a hit. But it’s been the quite the opposite. Durant looks to be in rare form as he scores at will but also with also purpose. He’s out to prove everyone wrong.

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Whether he admits it or not, it’s the truth. But you can tell it’s not just him with that frame of mind. The entire Warriors roster seems to have his back in this matter. The Warriors were a deadly scoring machine without him the last two seasons but those same players have decided to not only share the wealth but let him take the reins.

Curry can explode for 40 a night when he sees fit and the same goes for Klay Thompson. Green can put up 20 if he wanted but they all have agreed to let Durant be himself to put any speculation that he will be 4th string on and team with three other All-Star’s.

Durant has taken the green light and ran with it to the tune of 28 points and 8 rebounds per game. He’s shooting a career-high in 2-point baskets (57%) and three-point (43%). Durant is an assassin this year.

Is he focused? You better believe it. While his perimeter game is the best we’ve seen during his career a, he’s upped it up a notch with his attacking the basket more. Maybe he would have done the same in Oklahoma City or any other team but,┬áthis is a message he’s sending.

Does he want the MVP? Sure he does, just not the regular season one.

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