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Google: “Hold on, let me Google that”

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“What time does the game start”? “Hold on, let me Google that”. Those six words might be the most important in any language. Where would we be without Google? I can run down facts, stats and all kinds of things when it comes to describing how important Google is but I won’t because all you have to do is Google the information. But what I will do is try to explain the weight those six words carry and how they have helped improve my life and maybe yours.

There were times, if you can remember when all we had was AOL. Do you remember when Yahoo first came out? That commercial was so stupid, yet so catchy at the same time. Yaaahooo..lol. Oh man, those were the days. But, Google launched and changed the landscape of the internet. How many times have you been driving and your significant others says “pull over and ask for directions”? No man in their right mind does that unless he doesn’t have access to a smart phone, but even then we will drive around until we find the place or run out of gas.

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Now, it’s a pull over to the side of the road and either type in the address or speak the address. When was the last time you told someone, “Let me Yahoo or Bing that real quick for an answer”? Sounds weird, right. It’s all about Google. As you can tell I am a writer and what Google means to me may be different from what it means to you. My goal as a sports writer or whatever topic I choose to write about is to get my article on either the top of Google or the first page.

I say that because how many people actually search past the first page? You can Google your name and at least 30 pages will pop up. Do you have the time to search thru all 30 pages? You want your name, or if you own a business to be ranked high. I can’t remember the last time I actually used a Yahoo or Bing search engine for anything. Internet Explorer tries to get you to use those be default but what I do is download Google Chrome anyway and make that my default browser.

When the iPhone were released it was Safari fever but even the mighty Apple couldn’t compete as they give you the option to download Chrome, they even gave in to the masses. But why is Google so overwhelming? It’s supply and demand. You want something, Google will have it and if you build it, they will buy it. Most companies turn their nose up at that fact. But why?

Google is still a business, which puts them in the market of making money. If they see you as competition, what they will do is offer you a buyout, you can say no, but they are who they are for a reason. Their goal is to dominate the market and with 70 percent of the search market in their back pocket, they have done a great job with it so far.

Here is something strange about Google that most don’t now, even the heavy Bing and Yahoo users. Google has you in their clutches and we might be oblivious to it. Where do you watch your videos? You can admit it, it’s okay. Yes, they own the ever so popular, YouTube. When you search for your favorite old school video from your childhood on Yahoo, Bing or Safari and you’re enjoying that nice YouTube video, please take some time out and send a thank you to Google for providing you a trip down memory lane.

To go further, Gmail has become one of the highly used email services in the world with over 425 million+ active users monthly. Google is so tough they even went after the Facebook crowd with Google+. Google+ is a Social Network much like Facebook with friends, and communities. It hasn’t caught on like Facebook but it’s still highly successful as I still use it to this day.

I did all of that without using stocks, quotes, early business success stories, Google Play Stores, music or books. There is so much more to Google that it will blow your mind. But as an average Joe that uses Google everyday to try to help my site, find directions, cooking recipes, game scores and whatever else we may search for, I have a deep respect for what they provide for us.

Google is supply and demand. If you ask, Google will provide.

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