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Gotham: 10 Questions Following The Season Three Finale

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Monday night saw the two-hour season finale for Gotham‘s third season. It surely did not disappoint. The episode was filled with plenty of twists and turns. It also featured its fair share of high-octane moments, including the birth of the city’s greatest hero.

If you have not seen the final two episodes of season three yet, I recommend you turn around now. The questions below contain some massive SPOILERS for the conclusion of Gotham‘s season.

But if you have already enjoyed the episodes. please read on. I know I cannot be the only one with so many questions floating around in my head after those two hours. With so much going on, there is plenty to digest. So here are my top 10 questions coming out of Monday night!

Is Lee gone for good?

After injecting herself with the Tetch Virus a few weeks back, Lee was driven to the brink of insanity. She buried Jim alive, forcing him to inject himself to survive. All she wanted was for the two of them to be together once and for all. But Jim knew that they could not live with the virus controlling every move.

So he did what we all expected him to do. He was able to inject Lee with the cure for the virus, followed by curing himself. But later when he went to find Lee, she was gone, with only a note left behind. She told him that she needed to leave the city once and for all, having seen its true colors.

Now, we have danced this dance before. So having Lee come back would not be too far-fetched. But with Gotham‘s loaded cast, having her gone for an extended period of time would not necessarily come as a total shock either.

What happened to clone Bruce?

Once real Bruce returned to Gotham, his doppelganger kind of disappeared. We know that he is dying, which makes him a very desperate character. However, there was no sign of him during the two-hour season finale. He was referenced once, which does tell fans not to forget about him.

But where will he show up next? What exactly is he up to? Finally, how much time does he have to live? Given we have not seen him for a bit, there are a ton of these questions left to answer.

How about Hugo Strange?

Unlike clone Bruce, we saw Hugo Strange tonight. But the last time we did see him, he was being tortured by Penguin. Given Penguin seems to have secured his spot as the King of the Underworld once more, poor Hugo is probably in for some rough times ahead.

When season four rolls around, my guess is that he will be serving Penguin. Not because he wants to, but because he will be tortured otherwise.

Who will the Lazarus Pit bring back to life in season 4?

We have seen the Lazarus Pit before on Arrow. If you are a fan of the CW show, you are very aware of what it is capable of. As soon as I saw it in the finale, followed by Alfred being brought out, I knew where things were headed. They could afford to have Bruce kill Alfred because they had a giant bath of magical water right in the background.

All Bruce had to do was pour a cup of the water over the wound where he stabbed Alfred. This was enough to stabilize the Butler, allowing him enough time to get to a hospital. But we likely have not seen the full extent of what this thing can do. So the real questions becomes, who will be taking a dip in it next? Maybe one crazed blonde chick who got electrocuted?

How does Nygma survive living inside a block of ice?

If you are looking for candidates to take a dip in the Pit, maybe Nygma could join the list. The Riddler thought he had Penguin right where he wanted him. After picking the lock on his handcuffs, Nygma got the upper hand, and Oswald’s gun. He would then bring him back to the dock where he “killed” him the first time.

But this was all a part of Penguin’s plan. He used Mr. Freeze to put Riddler on ice. Quite literally. The last we saw Nygma, he was in Penguin’s home, inside a large block of ice. Talk about frostbite. Realistically, there is no way someone can survive inside a block of ice like that. But we know Nygma can’t actually be dead, right? So how are they going to explain it when he finally breaks free?

Did Barbara actually die, or was that simply the final step in turning her into Harley Quinn?

Barbara took out Butch, as she knew he was planning to kill her. Then she heads off to the safe house, where she planned to do the same to Tabitha. Given the status of both characters on the show, almost everyone expected Babs to kill her former lover. But talk about a plot twist!

Not only did Tabitha get the upper hand, but she managed to electrocute Barbara. This ended with what appeared to be the death of everyone’s favorite blonde lunatic. However, fans were told that Harley Quinn would be in this episode. But, there

However, fans were told that Harley Quinn would be in this episode. But, there was no sign of her. Unless this moment was actually the birth of Harley. Barbara was already off her rocker and considered the favorite to become the character. Getting electrocuted does seem like the perfect way to make the transformation official, however.

Does Butch’s true identity answer the question above?

Butch got shot in the head by Barbara. That’s a pretty good way to ensure a character is gone for good, right? Well, not so fast. Just when you thought Butch was gone for good (considering I have expected him to die multiple times in each season to date, I surely did), the show has to drop a quick hospital scene on us.

As we see a very dead looking Butch on a hospital bed, with his head sporting a nice big gunshot, we overhear some doctors talking. This is where we learn his true identity. Butch’s real name is Cyrus Gold. That just so happens to be the identity for a zombie-like Batman villain who goes by the name Solomon Grundy. So, about that “gunshot to the head = dead” theory. Yeah, I think I will opt for the “Butch is coming back as a zombie” option instead.

Given he was shot by Barbara, he will likely be out for revenge upon his return. So, could this reveal actually tell us Barbara is also alive too?

Did we just see the start of the Gotham City Sirens?

The Gotham City Sirens are a group of Gotham’s most famous female villains. Usually, the group consists of Poison Ivy, Catwoman and of course, Harley Quinn. Well two of those characters are already on the show, and they have a bond. The show also features another strong female character in Tabitha, who is also known as Tigress. It just so happens the last time we saw Tabitha/Tigress, she was paired with Selina, who will eventually become Catwoman.

So, it seems like those two will be joining forces at the start of season four. It would make plenty of sense to have Selina convince Ivy to join their cause. That would put three strong female villains on the same side. Of course, if Barbara does indeed become Harley, she could easily get mixed into this arc as well. She has a long history with Tabitha. She could eventually replace her former lover in this group, which would make the group consist of the top three names you would expect.

What role will Ra’s Al Ghul play moving forward?

We were only given a small glimpse of Ra’s Al Ghul in the finale. He appeared in the scene where Bruce killed Alfred, and then saved him. It is clear that he has big plans for the Wayne boy. Most likely, especially given his actions tonight, his intentions will be evil.

Now, he is not exactly on Bruce’s good side at the moment. So how exactly would he go about training him? I could see him using reverse logic, like he did in the finale, to help do the work. He will make Bruce think he wants one thing, but ultimately Bruce does the opposite, which is what he wants.

The bottom line is, there is still plenty of mystery surrounding the character. So it will be interesting to see where the show takes the character.

How awesome was that ending!?

I am going to keep this pretty short. BRUCE BECAME BATMAN! He may not have the fancy suit yet, but his crimefighting ways have begun! The episode ends with Bruce, in all black, stopping a robber in an alley. He then ends up standing on the rooftop of a building, in classic Dark Knight fashion. Simply awesome.

So there you have it folks. The wait now begins for the next several months, as Gotham will now disappear from our televisions until the Summer comes to an end.

What was your favorite part of the finale? What questions do you have? Tell us in the comments!

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