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Gotham: Robin Lord Taylor Is Television’s Newest Bad Guy

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It seems as if Fox’s hit series Gotham is here to stay. Already picked up for a second season, the show has grown exponentially since it’s debut in September. The network owes a great deal of that success to Robin Lord Taylor, whose portrayal of Oswald Cobblepot has been absolutely remarkable.

Many Batman fans know Oswald Cobblepot by a different identify, The Penguin. While Taylor’s casting might have seen a little out of place given his tall stature, the decision to have him play one of Batman’s most iconic villains was indeed the right call.

Some might not be familiar with Taylor’s work, however he has been featured in numerous television series in the past. While they weren’t extended roles, he has quite the expansive resume appearing in shows such as The Walking Dead, Law & Order, The Good Wife and Person of Interest.

You might also recognize Taylor from his role as “Darrell, the Late Show page with the fake British accent” on The Late Show with David Letterman, and numerous film roles which include Accepted and Another Earth. Taylor has now laid claim to the role of television’s most twisted bad guy. He takes his role very seriously, as playing a role like Penguin requires immense dedication.

“I want to approach this material with the same sort of enthusiasm that the hardcore comic book fans have.”

Taylor’s performance has drawn rave reviews  from numerous critics, but the biggest praise has come from none other than Danny DeVito, who played Penguin in the 1992 film, Batman Returns.

“I’ve watched the show. I think he’s a very good young Penguin. He’s a terrific actor.”

Robin Lord Taylor isn’t going to be nominated for an Emmy or a Golden Globe, but that’s not what matters. The respect of Gotham’s viewers and  actors such as Danny DeVito are a true measure of his acting, because after all those are the people your trying to impress.

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