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Spider Man: Could Josh Hutcherson Be The Next Peter Parker?

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You can add Josh Hutcherson to the growing list of Spider Man candidates. The Hunger Games actor has expressed an interest in playing the role of Peter Parker. When speaking to Yahoo Movies, Hutcherson had offered his thoughts on playing the superhero.

“Yeah, if course it’d think about doing it, it’s Spider Man, that’d be really cool. There’s not been any conversations about that, but who knows what would happen?”

Of course, everything at this point is all speculation and rumor, as a new Spider Man candidate seems to be released every day. However, Hutcherson might be am ideal choice for Peter Parker.

It has been said that Marvel/Disney wants to go with a younger actor to play the role of Spider Man. Hutcherson is only 22 years old, and has plenty of on-screen experience to successfully portray the character.

Already an established star with his role as Peeta in the Hunger Games franchise, Hutcherson has shown he is not just a one-trick pony when it comes to acting. He recently starred in the drama Escobar: Paradise Lost and was featured in the 2010 film The Kids Are All Right, both of which earned Hutcherson praise from critics.

However, this isn’t the first time Hutcherson has been rumored for the role of Spider Man.  He auditioned for the part of Peter Parker during the casting of the most recent Spider Man films, a role which went to Academy Award nominee, Andrew Garfield.

It’s not clear if Hutcherson will be given a second chance at auditioning for Spidey, but his versatile acting, and established acting career, certainly warrant him one.

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