If you are someone who is interested in aerial photography or dramatic overhead shots for your photos and videos, drones are your best friend. Drones can add that extra bit of pizzazz to your creative work by adding a cinematic flair.

But drones can be mighty expensive, especially brand new ones. We don’t suggest buying brand new drones for beginners. It is always best to test out the water before you dive in. beginners should always check out various models and settings before committing to such a hefty investment.

But how?

The best solution is getting used and refurbished drones. They are affordable and often in great shape. And refurbished drones have gained publicity and traction enough that there’s a huge pool of these absolute gems for you to choose from.

Facebook Marketplace

As we all know, Facebook’s marketplace in recent times has really come through. The algorithm makes it easy for you to find things you are looking for. If you have been asking around for refurbished drones, your Facebook marketplace should already be flooded with similar recommendations.

Look around until you find a model and design you are comfortable with. Try to find something with straight forward user instructions so you can learn pretty fast. You can find different deals at varying price points. Try to secure a deal that is well within your budget limit.

Other than that these are some of the best places where you can find a refurbished drone and besure of the quality:


If you needed any household things you would run to walmart. Then why not for drones? This tried and true chain store carries almost all brands that offer refurbished drone models. You don;t even need to go in stores and stand in front of isles trying to frantically figure out what model to buy.

You can just follow the link to their neatly sorted and cataloged display of refurbished drones with vastly varying price ranges and pick the one that suits your need the best.


We turn to ebay for the smallest of our daily needs. People buy all sorts of things off of ebay because ebay has a great inventory of almost all kinds of products. They have a huge inventory of drones too. Like every other thing, they have a huge range of used and refurbished drones listed for sale.

Buying off of ebay will only be fruitful if you make sure the warranty is still usable.

Ebay generally has a wide selection and a good variety of prices and models. This makes sure everyone has an option.

DJI Refurbished

The DJI store has a wide selection of used drones. These drones go through rigorous quality checking and monitoring. They have a vast range for you to select from. It is also very beginner friendly because all of the drone listings have detailed descriptions so you can easily figure out which one you need.

They are also very flexible in terms of pricing. Whether your budget is within 500 USD or above 1500 USD there’s definitely something for you here.

Drone Nerds

Drone nerds is a world class established retailer for used and refurbished drones. Again, the biggest benefit of getting a refurbished drone from such an established retailer is getting the highest quality.

Drone nerds surely deliver in terms of quality. With their eye to detail every drone gets checked multiple times to make sure you get the best possible final product. They also have a variety of different models that gives you an added advantage of browsing through before deciding on a specific model.

You will also find different parts of drones here if you are looking for anything specific. Or even if you are looking for small replacements, this is undoubtedly the place to go to.

Drone Trader

Drone trader is another one of the second hand drone selling sites that are very well trusted and established. They have a very big inventory of different drone models and brands. There are many different listings from many different sellers on the site that you can pick and choose from.

Depending on the brand and model, the prices can vastly vary. Many different listings of the same model can have different prices as well. So, you will have to look around a fair amount before buying from someone. But with so many deals in one platform, you are sure to find something suitable.

Very Drone

Very Drone also carries almost all of the DJI models and offers different prices. They are acclaimed to be one of the largest selections of refurbished drones under one platform. If you look around you will surely find a model that suits your needs.


These websites and platforms all specialize in refurbished drones. A brand new drone is a big investment. If you buy a brand new drone without knowing anything about it, it is more than likely that you might run into operational issues.

That is why it is best to always check the models you are getting and the best way to do that is by getting a refurbished  drone. And, if you follow our guide to these marketplaces, you will definitely find a great model you desire within a budget very soon.

If you are struggling with financing your drone, however, you might need an online lender to help you out. Don’t worry. Just check out our website and we will help you Get a Drone.

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