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Greg Hardy: You had one job to do, stupid

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There are reports that ex-NFL player Greg Hardy was arrested Sunday night in Texas for a controlled substance. Hardy has become the poster child for issues over the last two seasons. But why is no one there for him?

Hardy was a 6th round draft pick by the Carolina Panthers in 2010. In his first two seasons there was nothing special that stood out about him but by his third, it all came together. In 2012 and 2013 Hardy played like the best defensive end in football as he registered 26 sacks combined. The Panthers were eager to lock up their best defensive player but Hardy had other plans.

There was a domestic issue between him and his girlfriend which forced the Panthers to cut ties with him in 2014. The Dallas Cowboys took a chance on him in 2015 and he registered six sacks, but his demeanor in the locker room and on the field even became too much for the patient Jerry Jones to handle.

The DE position is a hot zone for success and very few players in the league has the necessary tools to do what and can do in his sleep. But the issue with Hardy is well, the issues. He can’t keep his nose clean. He received a second chance with the Cowboys but threw that away. Now, with his latest arrest that may very be the curtain closing on his NFL career.

This is not the same as Michael Vick or Johnny Manziel. Vick made a mistake, took his punishment and has been a model player since. Manziel is young but his issues are more immaturity as he thinks he’s still in college or high school. Hardy knew what was at stake but yet he still chose to be a bully of sorts. When your first team cuts you and you avoid jail time that should’ve been your wake up call but he didn’t learn.

With all the black eyes the NFL has taken over the last two years, Hardy would be a fool to think that Roger Goodell would allow him to come back without some form of harsh punishment. For all the talent that he possesses, he can’t seem to get it together off the field to be an impact for any team.

Hardy’s name could have easily been mentioned with the greats by the time of his retirement but, he couldn’t handle the one job he was given to do.

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