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WWE Clash of Champions: Reaction from WWE pay-per-view event

On Sunday night, WWE presented the first RAW exclusive pay-per-view in Clash of Champions from Indianapolis, Indiana. It was not the most earth-shattering event and was rather predictable. Before I get into my overall thoughts and the few things I took away from the event, here is who won. Nia Jax (Preshow), TJ Perkins ( Cruiserweight title), New Day (Tag Titles), Kevin Owens (WWE Universal title), Charlotte (Woman’s Title), Roman Reigns (US Title), Chris Jericho and Cesaro/Sheamus ended in a no-contest.

Let us first look at the pre-show match that saw Nia Jax go up against Alicia Fox. This match was not a surprise as Nia Jax went over on Fox. WWE is building Nia Jax basically to be an unbeatable wrestler. I am sincerely hoping that WWE finally puts Nia into a feud and puts an end to her squashing all of her opponents. I was surprised that WWE did not add the Shining Stars/ Enzo and Big Cass to the pre-show. They may have a match at Hell in the Cell at the end of October.

As far as the main card matches go, they were alright and nothing to ride home on. The only title to change hands happened to be the US Title as Roman Reigns beat Rusev. This doesn’t surprise me at all since Rusev won the title from Kalisto earlier in 2016 he has done nothing with the belt. When I did my prediction piece before Clash of Champions, I said that I see Roman becoming the US title winner as WWE should have done that with him when the Shield broke up.

There is one title that I am surprised that didn’t change hands. New Day has held the tag title for over 400 days and is continuing to hold. I have said for the last few pay-per-views that New Day should have dropped the titles since Battleground. They are over enough in the WWE universe that they don’t need the titles anymore. It is also safe to say that WWE has mishandled the booking in Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. It will be interesting to see if they finally pull the trigger to have a change of the tag titles at Hell in the Cell. The only reason I can think of why WWE is keeping the titles on the New Day is for them to break Demolition’s record of holding the tag titles which is over 450 days.

Overall, it wasn’t a remarkable event for RAW, and it won’t be one that will be remembered for years to come. For what it was, it was decent. I just didn’t understand the point of New Day winning the titles again.

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