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Gridiron Gospel – Dec 1

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Okay.  Pro and college football in the Grid Gospel today!

Let’s begin in the college ranks.  Good bye Mark Richt.  Don’t let the doorknob hit you where the Dawgs should have bitten you.  15 years and you walk away?  Really?

The Mad Hatter will be back at LSU.  GOOD!  Les Miles rebuilt that program and he should see it through to its completion.

Pat Fitzgerald is a great coach for Northwestern.  DEAL WITH IT!  Were it not for losses to good teams like Michigan and Iowa, THEY would be competing for a spot in the CFP.  Yeah, I said it and I meant it!  PERIOD!

Frank Beamer, you are a gentleman and a scholar.  You helped build Virginia Tech into a power.  Let’s hope whomever follows in your footsteps continues the “Beamer Way” tradition.

As far as the CFP goes – ND is a gone goose.  Oklahoma may be a gone goose because of the bias against the Big 12.  The Big Ten Champ may also be joined by a Big Ten Wild cart in the Final Four.  And the SEC – don’t get me started.

Now to the pros.

The Washington Redskins are in first place in the NFC East.  let that marinate for a second – the WASHINGTON REDSKINS ARE IN FIRST PLACE IN THE NFC EAST.  Yeah, exactly my point – WHAT THE HELL?????

Poor Cleveland.  A #WalkOff #KickSix to add to the misery that is the Cleveland Browns, not to mention the city of Cleveland?  You’ve heard of ways to win, well I feel Cleveland find ways to lose.  The Manziel situation is just that: A situation.  Solve it.

My beloved 49ers.  Y’all got some serious work to do if you want to restore the tradition built in Candlestick Park and bring it to Levi’s stadium.  You should have never ever ever let go of Jim Harbaugh.  He was the closest thing to the coaching tradition (though he will never touch Walsh/Siefert) that they established.  No confidence in Kaepernick leads to his being placed on IR and his ushering out of SF.  Not fair considering all of the offensive systems he had to learn.  Hopefully Kap the Kid stays put and gets another opportunity to lead the 49ers.  If not, then the next team that picks him up needs to have some stability at the coaching position.

So the Bears beat Green Bay and ruined Brett Favre night.  The Bears are still with a losing record folks and they’ve lost three times within the division.  All playoff scenarios covered.  Bears are outta there!  Blame Cutler? Maybe.  Blame the organization, as I stated with the 49ers.  A few awful injuries have come into play.  And also, there’s this RB named Matt Forte that’s injured…and possibly on his way out.

Arizona is for real as is Carolina.  But Carolina has made a believer out of me! Yes they have.  If you don’t want Cam Newton to keep inventing touchdown dances? KEEP HIM OUT OF THE ENDZONE!  It’s pretty simple.  The Patriots are the Patriots – though they are undefeated no longer – They’re still the Patriots.  Deal with it!

Brock Osweiler is not the second coming of Peyton Manning, but he is doing a good job with the Bronco offense so far.  It also helps that Denver has the top-ranked D.

Questions going into next week:  Who will emerge as a wild card in both conferences? Who will emerge as a wild card MVP candidate?  Will Cleveland ever win again? Hell for that matter, will the 49ers ever win again?  Who gets those four spots in the CFP New Year’s Party? Who wins the Heisman? These and others questions will be answered in our next edition of: The Gridiron Gospel.  God Bless!  Talk to y’all in seven!



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