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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2: 3 Possible Credit Scene Ideas


March 13, 2017

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If you are a fan of Marvel films, then you already know the drill. You do not leave your seat until the credits have finished rolling. That is because Marvel Studios has made not only the mid-credit teaser scene famous, but also the post-credit scene as well.

So it should come as no surprise to fans when they learn that any upcoming MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe for those of you who do not know the shorthand) will have at least one teaser scene. And it just so happens that James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, is teasing one of those post-credit scenes, via his Twitter account.

You can check out the tweet sent out by Gunn below.

Well, this certainly seems to indicate the film will have something for fans to enjoy at the conclusion of the film. While I am by no means surprised, it is always nice to know going in that there will or won’t be something, to avoid disappointment or missing something good.


The first Guardians film had the classic Howard the Duck clip. While it did not have a major impact on the MCU as a whole moving forward, it was still a fun clip. Now we cannot tell yet if there will be one or two scenes in Volume 2, but that does not mean we cannot speculate on some possible ideas!

So let’s have at it. Here are three possible credit scene ideas for Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

Howard the Duck Round Two

I’ll be honest, I really do not feel the need for another Howard the Duck scene. However, I could see it becoming a staple for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. It is clear Gunn had a lot of fun with the character for the scene we got in the first film, so I could certainly see them bringing him back.

At this point, he is likely roaming around somewhere on his own after escaping the Collector’s cage. Having him cross paths with Rocket in a credit scene could certainly lead to some extra laughs. The two animals could trade verbal jabs with one another to make sure everyone leaves laughing.

This scene, like the first, would have no real impact moving forward within the MCU. For that reason, I would hope it would be paired with a second scene if they decide to go this route. But given the connection to the first film, bringing Howard the Duck back is certainly a possibility here.

Meet Hela, The Chick Who is Going To Make Thor’s Life Miserable

If you haven’t heard by now, Hela appears to be the main villain in Marvel’s third film of 2017, Thor: Ragnarok. She will be set free thanks to the careless rule of Loki (who we know is sitting on the thrown in Asgard right now). Upon his return, Thor will be sent to Sakaar (aka the planet where Hulk is going to be in full gladiator mode) at the hands of Hela.

Since we do not know much about the big bad, maybe we will get our first glimpse of her on the big screen in this one. Thor and the Guardians already have a connection in terms of credit scenes, with one credit scene from Thor: The Dark World included the Collector.

So picture this. Loki enters an Asgard prison, looking for some prisoners who could be of service to him. He demands some of the guards to let certain prisoners go, which could lead to some cool Marvel Easter Eggs. Then he gets to the last cell and says “Let her out”. The camera then pans to Hela, who may or may not be the MCU’s version of Death.

Now the scene could end there if they choose. But they could always continue it for another minute or so. Have Hela walk out of the cell and immediately use her powers to throw Loki and his guards to the side. Just like that we could be treated to a small glimpse of how bad-ass she will be. It will also help set the table for the next Thor film, which would be six months away at the time of this film’s release.

The Guardians Meet An Avenger

So one of the biggest things people are looking forward to in Avengers: Infinity War is when the Guardians meet the Avengers. Now, we know James Gunn had access to all of the Guardians during filming, since it is their movie. So how far-fetched is it to think one or two Avengers could have stopped by the set for a quick credit scene to be filmed?

Or, they could have done the filming of the scene while Infinity War is filming, which it currently is. Maybe Gunn paid a visit to the set of the Avengers flick one of these last few days to film a scene, prompting the tweet. But one way or another, having the Guardians meet at least one or two of the Avengers in a credit scene during a Guardians film would just make sense.

Maybe Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot and the gang are hanging on their ship. All of a sudden a beam of light appears and there is Vision! With the Mind Stone embedded in his forehead, he has done some digging into this whole Infinity Stone deal. He goes on to talk about Thanos, which immediately catches Drax’s attention. Just like that, the two could agree to join forces. But even if they do not in this scene, the interaction between an Avenger and the Guardians of the Galaxy would be a great way to get fans talking.

So there you have it. How would you like to see any of these credit scenes at the conclusion of Guardians 2? Do you have any of your own ideas? Tell us in the comments!

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