Most of us are seeking for tips to help us to play guitar exemplary well. When playing, you need to have a perfect tone. You also need to know the do`s and don`ts when playing and you need to practice.  If you are looking for ways to rock the floor with your guitar–or hoping to even learn some ukelele for beginners–then perhaps this comprehensive guide will be helpful. Below are some aspects to consider ensuring the next time you play, you kill the show and rock the crowd.

1.Perfect tone

For a breathtaking performance, your mood has to be right. Most guitarists believe that the quality of the sound depends on the mindset. But we think that there are specific tips and adjustments that you can make the tone to be perfect. Consider the ideas below;

First, ensure that the pedal board is well organized. The best way to create an individual tone identity is through the effects pedal. Always remember that different effects sound best while in a particular order. Thus, there is no one set ideal way to arrange the pedals.

Also be cautious about the pedals and if any of them has a bypass switch. If it does, get to understand how that switch affects your signal. When the effect pedal is in bypass mode, the signal transmits directly to the output and does not pass through a circuitry. They are ideal to offset signal chain noise. Besides, they ensure that the integrity of the original tone remains. Conversely, they can reduce the treble frequency for those playing with many effects.

Intonate your guitar correctly

To ensure your guitar produces the best tone, you have to intonate it correctly. Intonation can rapidly change due to elements such as weather and is also affected by simple matters such as storage. It is normal for some to be uncomfortable making adjustments on their instruments. We recommend these individuals to seek a pro to make the variations for them.

Vary the pickup height

Pickups play a significant role in determining the greatness of your turn. You can adjust the pickup height to fine tune the output level. It is a fast and easy method which may require the use of a screwdriver.

Typically, a high pickup generates a high output. You can further optimize the bass as well as treble levels. The optimization depends on the side of pickup height that you raise. Avoid moving the pickups close to the strings to prevent offensive interference.  Also, do not lower the pickups so much since it can stop them from adequately sensing string vibration.

2.Playing the guitar

Now we know how to make the guitar produce the best tone. How do you play the guitar and leave your crowd astonished? Below are tips on how to play the guitar while on stage for a rocking performance

Keep your knuckles bent

Ensure that while playing, all your knuckles are bent, from the first to the fourth. Straight fingers make the chords to sound stifled. Straighten your fingers only when looking for barre chords. Still, on the fingers, place them closest to the fret. However, be careful not to touch the metal fret wire. Direct contact with the wire may lead to buzzing.

While playing, we suggest you play using the fingertips. Using a fingertip to play gives you a clean sound. Failure to use the fingers may cause improper ringing out of the strings.

Thumb position

When playing, the thumb should always be vertically placed behind the guitar`s neck. This position is roughly between the first two fingers. The common mistake people make is making the thumb lie parallel or horizontal to the neck.

Occasionally, it may be difficult to reach lower sounding strings when playing using your fingers. In this case, you should try lowering the thumb and moving up your fingers to get to a specific string.

Guitarists who have considerable experience tend to mute the upper strings using the thumb, by making the thumb lean over the guitar`s neck. It is a bold move which a beginner should restrain from because it may ruin getting a clean sound.

Press down firmly

While playing ensure your fingers press the strings tightly. It may be a little painful when starting out, but you will get the best sound from your guitar. With time, your fingers will get used to it. But don’t press too hard, press firmly enough to ensure you can hear the sound from the strings, but not too hard to experience cramps. Everything is about balance.


Before any performance, you need to practice. It enhances your skill and builds your confidence. Below are tips to help you through rehearsal

Take care of your hands

It is apparent that you play the guitar with your hands; which is why you need to take care of your hands. First, keep your fingernails short for ease of playing. Long nails tend to ruin your tone due to rough edges. Ensure you have a file or clippers to prevent spoiling the mood. Second, always wash your hands before playing the guitar. Cleaning your hand ensures you transmit little or no dirt. Furthermore, it improves the string life. Moreover, it also boosts the tone.

Dedicate to practice

Select the best spot for you to practice. You should include items such as a guitar stand, music stand, an amp, picks, a capo, a slide, and even a player. We also recommend having devices such as a smartphone, a tablet or even a laptop, which will significantly help your practice.

Set up your guitar

Ensure that you correctly set up your guitar. How you set up your guitar determines the playability of the guitar as well as the tone. When playing fast legato consider light gauge strings with low action. You can choose heavy strings with high action if you are looking to pick resistance and bending.

For best results, consider getting an excellent technician to assist you. The tech will adjust the pickup height, truss rod, nut, fretwork, bridge saddles as well as the neck tilt. In case you are enthusiastic about strings and would like to try different string gauges, you should adjust your guitar accordingly.

Note: Always remember you’re right-hand practice because playing the guitar needs both hands. It is very convenient to mute the guitar strings using your left side and play using your right. However, you should occasionally choose a simple chord or even play without a chord and play using your right hand. The right side is mostly ignored.

In the end, proper technique stands out in the final analysis. To keep the crowd entertained, you need to play the guitar by placing both your fingers and hands at the correct place and at the right time. We have exhausted all there is to ensure your next performance is a blow.

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