If you are still uncertain about which salon to visit in Singapore for blonde highlights and scalp treatments, you should go through the tips below. It will ensure that you go to the right place to meet your expectations of beauty and fashion. Whether you need a brand-new hair cut or want to undergo some specialized hair treatment, make sure that you get the services that make you happy.

Seek recommendations

Word of mouth is worth much more worth than all other reviews that you may gather from various channels.  Word of mouth is most reliable because it is based on personal experience, which you can trust, whether it is good or bad. Moreover, these are unbiased views that do not have any commercial intent hidden under it. Also, most women are overly sensitive about their hairstyles and remain most critical when reviewing the salon’s services, which add credibility to their views.

Another way of identifying reliable salons is to talk about it to some of your close acquaintances. They may speak highly about their latest hairstyle and ask you to contact the hairstylist and salon where they had been. However, give more credence to the opinion of people you know and trust.


Refer to online reviews of salons, especially on the social media. It often carries reliable feedback and opinion of people who have gone through the process and hence almost as dependable as word of mouth. You can also refer to online review sites like https://expatliving.sg/best-hair-salons-singapore-for-expats that contains reviews of salons based on personal experience of people who have undertaken some hairstyling and other scalp treatment. Across social media, you will find lots of women whose looks and hairstyle attracts you, and you can easily follow them to discover the salons they frequent. Going ahead, you can even check personal social media accounts of hair stylists that can lead you to dependable salons.

Filter it out

Gathering too much information can create confusion if you cannot filter out the most required information from the stack. Since there would be too many choices that seem to be the best, choosing the right salon can be overwhelming. To cut through the noise, understand what you want, narrow down your needs to the specifics, and refer to the information gathered to identify the salons that offer those services. Having made a shortlist of salons, analyze the information to gain insight about which would be the best scalp treatment place to go.

Focus on local

The salon’s location matters because you would be stressed out to reach the place if it is far away that would drain out your energy,but it will be hard to find so much time to travel. The best hair salon is the one that you can reach the most within an hour as you can spend more time on your beauty sessions.

Having made the selection, match it with your budget.In the end, it should not be one you find yourself struggling to meet the expenses.





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