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Happy “Bobby Bonilla” Day

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We are on the cusp of July 4th weekend as people will celebrate Independence day. Well for  former Major League Baseball player Bobby Bonilla, he is starting to celebrate a few days early. Today, July 1st , marks a special day as he receives his annual $1.2 million check from the New York Mets. Yes, you read that right and it’s not a typo. He retired in 2001, but still earns $1 million per year. This came to happen when the Mets released him after the 1999 season despite owing him $5.9 million on his contract. Rather than out right paying him then, New York agreed to defer his payment 10 years and send him a check for approximately $1 million every year for 25 years. This means he will make approximately $1.2 million yearly until 2035 that ends up totaling at $29.8 million. In addition to his annual bonuses, it makes him the 9th highest paid player on the current roster of the New York Mets. He out earns such stars as Matt Harvey, Jacob DeGrom, and Juan Lagares. It must be great for him to make that much even though he has not played in 15 years. Again, Happy Bobby Bonilla Day.

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