The holiday season is in full swing, and people across the country are busy with family gatherings, shopping for presents, decorating, and other seasonal preparations. This may sound surprising to you, but according to some newly compiled research, these aren’t the only activities causing people to “get busy” this December.

As these stats will show you, the holiday season is apparently a very popular time for sex! Ever wonder why more babies are born in September than any other month? Maybe it’s because more people are getting down in December! Trading in their silent nights for some sexy sleigh rides!

Clearly not everyone is looking for a Christmas conception, as condom sales are always on the rise this time of year. But don’t get too experimental, or you may end up contributing to the increase in sex-related “penile trauma” reported every year. If you do experience one of these unfortunate injuries don’t be a grinch, there are plenty of ED treatments out there that can help you get your elf back on the shelf!

And who ever said millennials are lazy? Looks like at least 50% of them plan to be getting laid on Christmas day! This is actually pretty impressive when you think about it. Considering that most of this age-range will likely be spending the holidays home at their parents house, that means most will be having sex in their childhood bedroom! Don’t forget to lock the door!

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