Have you always wondered how certain YouTube channels are able to provide their creators with an ample source of income? Indeed, you are not alone. We have now entered into an era when the phrase “YouTube celebrity” is commonplace. Massive personalities such as PewDiePie and Logan Paul have literally made millions of dollars off of their content and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

What is perhaps the most interesting feature is that you will not be required to allocate a substantial amount of financial resources in order to enjoy an impressive side hustle. However, there are some rules to note and there are additional suggestions which will come in handy while building your revenue stream from scratch.

Let us take a look at some basic steps so that you can build a revenue-generating YouTube channel in a short period of time.

The Concept of Monetization

We should first examine the broad strokes of YouTube revenue generation before delving into the top tips and tricks. You will be happy to learn that YouTube has devoted an entire section to this topic known as the “Creator Academy” (formerly known as the Creator Studio). The main concept is that you can make a small income off of every video in the event that a viewer clicks on the embedded link (normally a pop-up banner ad). There are two ways in which revenue is created:

– The visitor stays on the link for a certain amount of time (generally more than 20 seconds).

– A purchase is made (you will receive a percentage of the sale income).

Either way, we are talking about a numbers game. You have greater chances of earning money if many users regularly view your content. Such methods make little sense if you only have a handful of subscribers and your channel is relatively unknown.

The AdSense Account

YouTube has partnered with Google in order to expedite the entire monetization process. First and foremost, you will need to register and open a valid AdSense account. This information is then connected to your channel. Any revenue generated will be displayed within this account. Any advertisements will then be “funnelled” through your AdSense account and the funds can be withdrawn when they reach a certain amount.

Rules and Regulations

It is just as important to address the intellectual rights of your material and to appreciate what is prohibited. YouTube insists that you must own the worldwide copyrights to any information or media contained within the video. In other words, you cannot download a song from iTunes and hope to embed it withing your channel. You have likely come across this situation before; most often in audio that has been removed due to copyright issues or an entire video being pulled as a result of some type of infringement. If you want to learn the details about YouTube and the associated copyright laws, it is a good idea to visit their official page; a great deal of information is explained further.

A Numbers Game

Simply pairing an AdSense account with your YouTube page will hardly generate revenue overnight. This is why the second main rule of monetization involves the ability to gain exposure and followers. If you look at the most profitable channels, they are associated with millions of subscribers and content that is updated on a regular basis. Exposure is key in these regards, so keep in mind these worthwhile suggestions at all times:

– Try to upload viral content that will attract views.

– Make sure that all videos are engaging, informative and relevant to your channel.

– Upload regularly; especially in the beginning. Fresh content will help to attract new viewers.

– Always include a call to action asking viewers to like, comment and subscribe.

So, it is clear that you will need to embrace a proactive approach if you hope to properly monetize your YouTube channel. It is still a fact that hard work represents only a small portion of the overall process. You need to approach the task with the right insight from the very beginning in order to avoid wasting time as well as money. This is why the suggestions mentioned above can always come in handy along the way.

Additional Tips

It is worthwhile to mention a few other guidelines. For instance, invest in a quality recording device in order to ensure clear videos. Ask for feedback from your viewers so that you can better appreciate their passions and interests- Use Google Analytics to determine which videos are the most popular as well as the most relevant keywords that should be used (important from an SEO point of view).

Making money on YouTube is not as difficult as you may have thought. 2019 could be a great year for revenue generation if you follow the steps mentioned above!

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