Have a Restful Vacation in Bali with the Kids

Any parent will tell you travelling with children can be really stressful. You worry about keeping them calm on the road as well as on the plane. Then, when you get to your destination, you have to keep them entertained and out of your hair.

A trip to Bali is just what you need to have a relaxing vacation that includes the kids. You will not have to stay around the pool supervising everyone. Here are a few of the places you can enjoy some family activities that will keep the kids enthralled.

1.The Bamboo Tree House with a Suspension Bridge

The Temega Tree House is a favorite spot for children, especially teens. It offers you a magnificent view as well as a suspension bridge. You can have a unique Bali dining experience here and then walk along the bridge to view the picturesque sceneries below.

There is nothing that gets close to seeing those breathtaking rice terraces of Karangasem from above. However, if your children are below the age of three, walking on the bridge unaccompanied is dangerous. There is a little swing for younger children.

2.A Family Cruise

You can plan to get out of Bali for a day or two and go sailing Komodo. It beats reason to be so close to the Komodo dragons and the pink beaches and not have a look. Your hotel or tour service can make the arrangements for you.

The kids will love the many activities they can do on the cruise such as snorkeling and swimming in the ocean. They will also be mesmerized by the fierce dragons. You must have some experienced guides for this because you want to keep everyone safe.

Take in the beautiful pink beaches as well and take lots of photos for the memories. The pink beach provides an ethereal background for your family photographs.

3.Tabanan for the Tarzan Experience

Your children could play Tarzan for a day and go swinging through the trees. Bali’s jungles are legendary. The treetop adventure will give your little tykes something to do and remember for a long time to come.

This adventure offers you seven circuits with alternating difficulties. Everyone involved chooses where to begin and perfect their skills with the 72 obstacles available.

You can begin from as low as 2 meters and then advance to the more challenging heights as you advance.  Everyone is attached to a safety wire. Your children will most likely enjoy this lot more than you.

With this much activity, the kids should sleep through the night with happy smiles. The Tarzan experience will earn you lots of bonus points.

4.The Upside Down House Indonesia

Who wouldn’t like to feel like an astronaut at least once? While you may not have the chance to board a rocket and get launched into space, this house gets you close. There is absolutely no brevity and everything is upside down!

You will have a grand old time with the whole family flying around a seemingly normal house. You will find yourself wondering how the dishes get done…among other everyday house chores.

Get someone to take the photos of you and your entire family floating in and out of the rooms. Selfies may not work here as your phone could just go floating off into a toilet bowl.

5.The Chocolate Factory

Any child will be thrilled at the prospect of visiting a chocolate factory. It is even more exciting to watch how their favorite treats are created. The Big Tree Bamboo Chocolate Factory is a must-see for your children.

You also get a chance to visit one of Bali’s hidden farms. The whole family will be curious to see how bars are produced from beans. Naturally, everyone will have a taste of the bars fresh off production.


There is no shortage of fun things to do with the kids in Bali. You will not have to worry about keeping them in line and they will certainly be on their best behavior. Bali is definitely the place to vacation with your little humans. 

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