Everyone is aware that the main reasons why a lot of individuals use fitness app are to observe their fitness goals and their health issues. However, the need for this kind of application is getting higher and higher. For that reason, many folks tend to develop a health and fitness app.

On the other hand, building a fitness application is not easy as what you are thinking but you can appoint a professional developer to do the task for you. But if you want to make your own fitness app then this editorial will definitely benefit you.

So, you ready to speak the world that “I make my own fitness app”? If yes then let’s get started by identifying the different types of a health and fitness app.

Types of Health and Fitness Apps

Actually, fitness apps comprise of three main classes the exercise or workout apps, diet apps, as well as physical or activity tracking apps.

· Diet Apps

In fact, this app allows every user to make their own food journals and diet plans, establish their grocery lists, and track the amount of water they consume, sugar, as well as calories level. The nutrition and diet apps help every individual to stick to their diet plan.

· Activity or Physical Tracking Apps

This type of app is capable of controlling your everyday vitals especially while you’re cycling, sleeping, walking, exercising, and running. On the other hand, this type fitness app also collects data such as the total number of kilometers and steps you covered the whole day.

· Exercise or Workout Apps

On the other hand, this type of fitness app has a different type of applications such as Chin UP, as well as SworKit Own Trainer

In addition, exercise or workout app every user a group of workouts or exercises that comes with a guideline on how they have to be performed. However, this app can provide you a personal fitness coach through your smartphone.

Must-have features of a Health and Fitness App

· User profile

· Registration

· Menu of settings

· Allows users to log in using their credentials

· History Archive

· Push-notifications

· QR or barcode scanner and list of groceries for nutrition or diet app

· Integrate Geo-location

· Food journal

· Multiple device synchronizations

· Capable of measuring vitals

· Allows users to established a different task

· Connect your app to different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

These features are very basic and already existing. However, when developing a fitness app make sure that it holds features that are unique so that it will stand out from the crowd. Nevertheless, you can include these tricks if you want to have best fitness app.

1. Include e-commerce to make acquisitions for workout processes and other activities.

2. Feature healthy food recipes with voice directions on how to cook a certain recipe as well as diet suggestions.

3. Integrate music playlist, because the majority of individuals loves listening to music while they are running or walking.

Conclusion: There is no doubt that creating a health and fitness app is a bit challenging. However, your app should hold basic features so that it will be able to provide useful functionalities and high-quality performance. Your app, on the other hand, should allow the user to make their own custom workout plans.

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