How often do people feel the urge to go back to childhood and have a divine spark of positive energy flowing them once again? As the pace of life picks up, people are left chasing life and on many occasion fail to catch the bus.

There is no magic wand to get back the zing and natural energy that people once had in their childhood.

Yet there are many smart hacks to hit refresh and make a new head start into life. It is never too late to learn and implement. There are natural energy boosters that can uplift our spirits and energy levels. This list of seven natural energy boosters, though not an exhaustive one provides an insight into stuff that one can leverage immediately at any point of time without having to go through the grind of complex procedures and expensive resources. Take a look:

1. Check the Schedule Before Committing to Any One

It is important to take charge of one’s life. At the root of all problems is the fact that people live others’ lives not theirs. Living life for others or rather living another’s life means scheduling tasks and squeezing time out of one’s schedule to accommodate the world’s wish list and throwing one’s own wish list out of the window. Streamlining life must start with time management and making a habit of accommodating others into one’s schedule only after one has made time for the self. Reserve the time to eat, sleep and exercise and remember that the balance is left for work, family and friends. Once these hours are deducted from the twenty four hours that one has, there is only as much left and then begins the habit of looking at one’ schedule before committing to give time to others.

2. Customize Your Diet and Follow it Religiously

The live to eat philosophy does not work in real life. It is important to streamline the diet and weed out harmful components while including useful food items that are often ignored. Diet must be customized to suit parameters of the nature of work done, lifestyle, chronic ailments if any, allergies and lifestyle diseases, availability and most importantly the ability to make the food or get it made by another. Following a diet religiously is important. It is not really humorous to bite into food that does not fit into one’s dietary requirements. Remember that dieting is not starving the self of food but rather eating that, which is necessary.

3. Accommodate Time to Exercise Without Any Excuses

Very often people do not exercise because they do not feel it necessary. They consider it to be a thing that can be without, remembering it only in times of utter despair when the doctor prescribes them to do so. Putting exercise on the back bench of the schedule is self-defeating. The point here is to realize that the greatest resource that man has at his disposal to earn money is a fit and healthy physique. Physical fitness is not a luxury but a necessity. Running the rat race of work and business is possible only when the body is raring to go. Making excuses for ignoring exercises is as good as fooling the self.

4. Give Up on Sugar Consumption Today

The sweet tooth is not the sweetest thing to have. Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that attracts other diseases like heart issues, blood cholesterol, kidney failure, liver problems and dampens the energy levels. The sweet taste that sugar offers is no compensation at all for the losses that it inflicts on the human body. It is not an exaggeration to state that sugar is the devil in disguise and needs to be done away with without showing any mercy. While it may not be possible to refuse sweets, beverages and snacks on occasions, it is not impossible to politely refuse citing health reasons.

5. Switch off Electronic Devices One Hour Before Sleep

It may not be possible to switch off the smart phone at any point of time owing to professional and personal reasons. Yet, there are smart options of engaging the mind and training it to sleep tight. The human mind cannot be switched off like a gadget to fall into deep state of sleep real time. Prepare the mind for round of 7-8 hours of sleep by switching off the television, the radio, the laptop and the MP4 player one hour before going to sleep. Say no to distractions. Do not read the newspaper or any other book. Do not discuss serious matters of business and family late at night. Zero down the memories of the day’s affairs before going to sleep.

6. Choose Self Over Work, Business and Money in Tight Situations

There are people that believe that they have been put on this planet to work and do business through their lifetimes. This is a myth. There are crunch situations when one has to choose between work matter and the self. One has to choose between earning the extra buck, the raise at office or pleasing a client and the self. Choose the self always. There will always be another task at office, another client, another promotion, another job and another office, but only one self. Choose the self over everything else. Do not make excuses to compromise with health and happiness. For everything else there is a bank account.

7. Quit Smoking and Move to E-Cigarettes

How regularly do people presume that their problems shall go up in smoke? Smoking is a guilty pleasure that drives people into believing that it helps them think, analyse and find solutions to problems. None of these are true. Smoking leads to cancer and death, nowhere else. Cold turkey is not meant for everybody. Move to e-cigarettes for a change. Customize the nicotine e-juice flavour and the cloud intensity of the drag. A move to e-cigarettes is always a much healthier option than smoking real nicotine cigarettes that contain a very high dose of nicotine, metals and poisonous chemicals. Quitting smoking calls for will power; the will power to love life and live it to the fullest.

It is never too late to hit refresh. These natural energy boosters may not bring back your childhood but will sure give you the drive to live life to the fullest.

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