By Ella Maclin

Ever used an inversion table? Regardless of the condition in which you have to use it, inversion tables are fast becoming popular across cultures every day for a reason.

The technique of hanging downwards like bats is turning out to be a scientifically proven milestone for human health. Some people use inversion boots or lying on a tilted table at an angle with the head facing down to help minimize stress and achieve a lot more.

This particular review brings out diverse benefits of using an inversion table. You will also learn how this incredible trick can turn out to be helpful for your general fitness. Let’s give it a shot.

The top benefits as to why you should use the inversion table

If you have a medical condition it is imperative to seek your doctor advice to help you either avoid worsening it or going about inverting the wrong way. Otherwise, if you are privy to making the most out of inversion therapy, what is in for you?

#1: Gets rid of spinal and sciatic nerve pain

Our bodies experience the pull of gravity especially body fluids and discs that separate the vertebrae. Over time, this might bring about compression of the discs hence their possible rupture, slippery or herniation.

This is when an individual starts developing spinal pain. It can turn out to be severe or chronic when adjacent nerves start are on the receiving end of the pressure especially if the condition is not given attention early enough.

On the worse side, the pain might spread to the buttocks and upper parts of the legs affecting movement. Most opt to use pain relievers or surgery as last resort but inversion therapy has proven to be safer and ideal option to bring this into control.

All you need to do is face your head to a position lower than your heart on the inversion table regularly. This will help ease the pain and pressure associated with gravitational force. In addition, this increases the space between the discs alleviating further the pain.

#2: Keeps your posture in good shape

As you keep easing pressure on your vertebrae, you also benefit from the loosening of your body muscles including the upper back region, neck and many other parts. Resultantly your body posture equally improves.

#3: Minimizes headaches

Inversion therapies assist in realigning the spine and reduce muscle spasms on your shoulders and neck region, which can contribute to headaches. The muscles of your skull, face, neck relax minimizing the tension leading to headaches.

#4: Relieves stress, boosts blood circulation

Furthermore, inverting is useful in relieving stress which is also a contributor to headaches.

Apart from that, your body is able to boost blood circulation and the lymphatic system function smoothly.

Also, you remove the toxins from your body system that might result in the development of other opportunistic infections.

#5: Improves your respiratory functionality

It turns out as you maintain the vertical position, your blood flows to the lower part of the lungs. Thanks to inversion therapy, this blood is redistributed to the upper lungs supplying them with enough oxygen hence improving the general lug activity.

You tend to improve the strength and functionality of your diaphragm as you invert. This boosts deep breathing filling the lower part of the lungs with enough air regularly.

Thus, you are likely to experience fresh breathing as you supply oxygen to other parts of your body including the brain.

#6: it is good for heart health

Do you want to avoid instances of developing heart-related diseases? Use inversion therapy to help your heart work less by enhancing blood circulation to the head of the brain to release neurotransmitters. This will send signals to your heart to slow down and relax.

Moreover, as blood keeps flowing to the parts of the body, you reduce chances of developing varicose veins too.

Other benefits of using inversion therapy

· Helps clear sinuses

· Increases body flexibility and body range of motion

· Enhances mental alertness

· Improves your digestion

· Helps your Lymphatic System to function effectively

· Boosts the immune system

· Improves sleep quality

· Minimizes chances of experiencing fatigue and revitalizes your body to generate extra energy

· Boosts creative thinking

· Reduces chances of developing depression, mood Swings or being sad among many numerous aspects.

Final Words

There are so many benefits that you will get when you use the best inversion table. Not only does it eliminate pain on various parts of the body such as the neck and back but also promotes general body health. Always consult your health provider before you engage in inversion therapy so that you can know if it is safe for you.

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