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Work in the field of healthcare is uniquely rewarding. For people who want to work a job where they feel that they are making a very real and important difference to other people’s lives, and helping people through some of their most vulnerable moments, no field comes close to healthcare in terms of potential job satisfaction. When we think of healthcare, we think of hospitals, we think of doctors, nurses, and orderlies all working together in direct contact with patients. However, there are a litany of healthcare jobs available that don’t require you to work in a hospital, or even in direct contact with patients. The hospital environment is often a fast paced one, and many individuals with a genuine, burning desire to help people in any way they can are simply not compatible with the pressure, or sometimes trauma, which is unavoidable when working in a hospital. The good news for these individuals is that not wanting to work in a hospital doesn’t preclude you from a long and rewarding healthcare career. Here are just 5 of the healthcare jobs out there that take place outside of the hospital setting.

Occupational Health Nurse

Occupational health nurses work within other businesses in order to provide on-site healthcare, often at large industrial complexes where there is a greater than normal danger of injury which requires immediate medical attention. As well as reacting to any health issues and injuries that arise, occupational health nurses also play a role in devising and implementing measures to prevent such issues from arising in the first place.

Dental Assistant

Dentistry is a little different to other healthcare professions, as dentists are essentially doctors who specialize in teeth and gums. For many people this line of work appeals as they are far less likely to encounter any gruesome or gory trauma events. In comparison to broken bones and severed limbs, a missing tooth is nothing! However, oral hygiene is very important, much more than many of us realize; gum disease is in fact one of the main causes of heart disease! If you think that working as a dental assistant would appeal to you, then have a look on Google for dental assistant training schools near you, for example, searching for ‘dental assistant training Atlanta’ will show you which schools are available in Atlanta.

Physical Therapist

Physical therapists help patients to recover from illness or injury which impairs their mobility, or which keeps the patient confined to a wheelchair for an extended period. A physical therapist can help them to regain their independence and to return as close to a normal life as possible. Physical therapists do often work in hospitals, but they don’t have to. For some patients, a live-in physical therapist is more helpful (Frasier anyone?). This is an excellent role for individuals who want to work one-on-one with their patients but do not feel equipped to respond to medical emergencies. Physical therapy involves extended contact with the patient, so you will have the opportunity to develop a bond with patients that many other medical professionals can’t. Working in healthcare doesn’t mean that you have to be in the hospital setting, in fact some individuals have more to offer outside of this setting.

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