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Olak Grütter, famously known as NIZA is a Swiss Music producer. He is diligent, hard-working, consistent and not only a producer but also an artist with his own projects; improving himself every year. He has been in the music industry for a decade and has worked with many well-known celebrities in the industry. With that much experience and skills, he has been counted as one of the top-ranked music producers in Germany, has earned many awards, and won thousands of hearts. On Spotify, he has reached more than 70 million streams. He is now running his own music publishing company No Love Rights Management. 

How did it begin?

NIZA was always passionate about creating music and hence with time he channeled his passion into a successful career. At an early age, he began the practice of composing beats with FL Studio. In 2015, his work got recognized by many famous German rappers such as Kool Savas, Kurdo, S4MM, Noizy, 18 Karat, and many more. The first official industry release in which NIZA participated was the track ‘Waldbrand’ of Kool Savas’s fourth solo album ‘Märtyrer’. The album got hit as the number 1 in Germany and Switzerland. It also received the Gold Certification from Germany. After getting a lot of success, he got signed with Sony Music Publishing in 2016 which was a great achievement for NIZA.  

About NIZA’s Company

Music producing surely is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of guidance and knowledge about how the industry works. NIZA recognizing it shared in the past that he wanted to help and assist other fellow industrialists of the line. After gaining enough experience from around the industry, Olak Grütter co-created the company No Love Rights Management with his business partner Mike Buck. The main purpose of the company is to assist the young and new music producers. When asked about the unique qualities of his company he said:

Since we are completely independent and work in a small team, we have the highest flexibility. Our team has already grown together like a small family and I am very proud of that. Nevertheless, we have the necessary know-how to do the relevant administrative work like any other major. Especially in our area (Germany), there has never been a pure producer-publisher.”

With providing 100% successful results with the team’s hard work, the company recently won the award of Platinum Record for their co-production on the album MVP (Réédition) by none other than the French rapper Mister V.

NIZA’s other Projects and Awards

From the beginning, NIZA started to shine in the crowd. He won various awards on multiple occasions. Starting from his first-ever project of top-rated charting albums. He received several awards for it. Recently, he received another award for his productions on the album ‘Manifest’ by German artist King Orgasmus One. In its first week, the album was also declared number one on the German charts.

Other songs which got a lot of recognition include the soundtrack of the Polish cinema movie ‘Jak Zostalem Gangsterem’, the song ‘Mitoman’ by Malik Montana. In fact ‘Mitoman’ was streamed millions of times on multiple platforms.

If you want to listen too, you can listen to all of NIZA’s produced songs on Spotify.   


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