The turntable is an old technology which should be in the museum by now. But guess what, it comes back again with much acceptance. That is because it offers an extraordinarily fabulous and original sound that you will never find in the other audio components. Moreover, it gives you a real feeling of enjoying music rather than just listening to it.

If you have brought a turntable, then you have made a great decision. Now as you will want to enjoy the music on it, you will need to know the process of using the turntable correctly. Operating the turntable in the wrong way can damage the records as well as the player too. Here is the complete guide which describes the process of using a turntable correctly.

Setup the turntable

The primary thing you will need to do is preparing the turntable for listening to music. It is a costly component, and you will need to do everything carefully to resist any damage or malfunction.  Place the turntable on a table. Be assured that the turntable is on a level position after placing it on the table. If possible buy the anti-vibration stands for the turntable to get a better music experience. Make sure that the site is out of the reach of water and dust. They can cause severe problems for the turntable.

Lift or remove the dust cover

Most of the turntable comes with plastic dust cover to keep it clean while you are not using it. It can either come as a separate piece or a hinged attachment. If your turntable comes with the hinged cover, then you can lift it and then softly put it back while playing the music. If your turntable comes with a separate dust cover, don’t try to put it back while playing a record as it can damage the record and the component of the player.

Before jumping to the next step, make sure that all the components are correctly connected. It is advisable to choose a top rated stereo receiver to get the best out of your turntable click here to know more.

Place the vinyl

Now you will need to place the preferred vinyl record on the platter of the turntable carefully.     The platter is the place which holds the vinyl record while playing. Find the hole in the center of the platter and place the spindle in it. While putting the record, make sure that you are not touching the groove. You can hold the record form its edge to make sure that the groove remains untouched.

Start the turntable

After placing the vinyl record, you can turn turntable on by pressing the rotation switch or lifting the tonearm. Now you will need to set the speed of the player according to the vinyl record. The different model of turntables has a different mechanism of controlling the speed. However, you will find a switch on most of them for the process. Some of the turntables come with an automatic mechanism where the turntable detects the motion, and you don’t need to fix it externally.

Now after setting the motion, you will need to put the tonearm in the right place to start the music. Some of the turntables come with a cue switch to lift the tonearm on the spinning record. There also some models which do the whole process automatically by raising the tonearm and placing it on the vinyl record.

If your turntable doesn’t come with a cue switch, you will need to lift the tonearm and put it on the record manually. Do the whole process with proper concentration as a wrong turn can damage the needle and the record at the same time.

Music time!

The music should start as soon as you place the needle on the record. You will be able to enjoy the songs on the side of the album. Typically, the tonearm will be automatically lifted and replace itself in most of the turntables. You can enjoy the music on the speaker or the turntable headphones. As soon as you are done listening to the music, put the tonearm on it resting position. Make sure that, the tonearm get back to its resting position before the platter stops spinning.

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