While some black men might be frustrated by their hard-to-manage curly or kinky hair, this type of texture actually provides a unique look that few guys have or can pull off. In fact, black men can choose from a variety of stylish haircuts and styles, with so many ways to customize their hairstyle.

Below, we’ll explore some of the hottest haircuts for black men. From the different kinds of fades to how long to keep your hair on top to adding a design or line up, here are the latest cuts and styles to get this year.

Fade Haircuts

While fade haircuts have been around for decades, they continue to be the basis of most barbershop cuts today. Because the “short on the sides, long on top” trend remains strong, we almost always recommend guys get faded sides. But before you ask your barber for a cut, you’ll need to plan where you want the fade to start and how short you want it.

In terms of placement, black men have the option of a high, mid or low fade. Although high-contrast styles are all the rage, some guys prefer a more conservative look and thus opt for a low taper fade. This makes sense for business professionals.

The next step is determining how short you want the sides buzzed. A skin or bald fade goes down to the skin whereas a taper fade gets gradually shorter, but does not expose the scalp.

Furthermore, guys can decide whether they want a drop fade, where the cut is dropped around their ears and down to their neckline.


There is no right or wrong choice with any of these options – it’s simply a matter of personal style. Almost all fade haircuts for black men are low-maintenance and don’t require any styling effort.

The Line Up

Also known as the edge up or shape up, this addition to your fade requires your barber to cut along your natural hairline and temples to create sharp edges. Your barber will use a trimmer, outliner or sharp razor blade to create a perfectly-shaped hairline that looks clean and fresh. A line up can be combined with any fade cut.


Best Hairstyles on Top

Once you’ve established how you want the back and sides of your haircut to look, you can start to think about how to style your hair on top. This is where black men have some unique styles to choose from.

Buzz Cut

Men always like short haircuts because they are easy to style and control. The buzz cut, like the high and tight fade or a shaved head, is a classic look that epitomizes shorter cuts and styles.



One way to make a buzzed haircut stand out is to add waves. 360 waves add texture and dimension for an edgy, cool finish.


Short Curls or Afro

As a black man’s hair grows out, he can get it cut again or use the length to style another look. Although you’ll naturally want to visit your barber to clean up the sides, the short curls or afro on top will provide texture and contrast. If you have especially thick curls, you can even create sponge twists to change things up. As two of the top haircuts for black men, we highly recommend going from short to longer hair to take advantage of these different styles.


Burst Fade Mohawk

As your hair on top continues to grow longer, you’ll have the ability to get some trendy hairstyles. One of the coolest and most popular current hairstyles is the burst fade mohawk. A burst fade can be trimmed high or low, but what makes it unique is how it curves around the ear and down to the neckline. The burst fade mohawk and faux hawk are hairstyles that look particularly good on black men.


Twists and Longer Curls

Another way you can style your longer hair is to get twists. Twists are a type of kinky hair that can be short or long, depending on how adventurous you want to be. They are best accompanied with faded sides for a stronger focus on the top.



Dreadlocks aren’t reserved for just the bohemian lifestyle anymore. Dread styles are modern looks that guys can get to mix things up. Locs come in short, medium and long lengths and offer a ton of versatility. For example, there are dread mohawks, high top dreads, and braided variations.

Modern Haircuts

Regardless of your hair type or texture, the best haircuts for black men allow you to feel confident in your style and grooming. With so many variations of popular cuts and styles, this is the year to take the plunge and revamp your look. Just don’t forget about all the other important aspects of health, fitness and care.

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